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Keith Lee finally explains why he was missing from WWE television for so long

Keith Lee disappeared from WWE television for a couple weeks before the Royal Rumble in late January. He briefly returned to Raw in early February, but then went missing again from mid-February until mid-July. Lee posted several cryptic tweets along the way, leaving fans to speculate about what was going on with him. The rumor mill was also buzzing with several possible explanations.

Just a short while ago, Lee posted the following video that finally explains what happened to him earlier this year:

Lee says that he contracted COVID in January, which is why he was off television at that time. Mia Yim did not become infected with COVID at that time, but she eventually did because she refused to not be there to take care of him. She missed out on competing in the Royal Rumble match because his health was the bigger priority.

One day after returning to Raw for a match against Matt Riddle in February, Lee received a call saying there was something off in his blood. He had heart inflammation and was forbidden from doing any physical activity outside of light walking. Any more strenuous activity than that could have resulted in his death. This scary situation continued on for three or four months. The heart inflammation eventually went down to normal, things got better, and he was cleared to train again.

Now that he’s fought off death, he doesn’t mind fighting anybody else, and he looks forward to making the most of what he can do in a WWE ring.

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