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Roman Reigns knows the real reason why John Cena wants to face him at SummerSlam

John Cena returned to WWE at Money in the Bank to immediately confront Roman Reigns and challenge him for a Universal championship match at SummerSlam 2021. Cena wants the match so badly that he even snuck in the backdoor to steal the fight away from Finn Balor, who did nothing wrong to deserve that disrespectful treatment from the face that used to run the place.

Why does Cena want this match with Reigns so badly? Is it because John desperately wants to be the Universal champion? Is it because Roman is a bully who is ruining WWE and needs to be put in his place? Is it simply for the sake of a dream match scenario, with today’s top guy matching up against the previous top guy?

Roman Reigns doesn’t seem to think any of those things are the primary motivator for Cena here. The Tribal Chief appeared on The Pat McAfee Show to explain that Cena is only back in WWE to try to use Roman’s name to sell movie tickets:

“If he would’ve just come here, promote his movies, ‘Suicide Squad, yay, it’s a good movie! Go watch it!’ You can open the show. You can pep up the crowd. Do that, and then I’ll stay in the main event where I belong, and I’ll close the show, and we’ll be done.”

“...He’s smart. If I was him and I’m promoting a movie, and I want to get that buzz, what do you do? You go to the Island of Relevancy, right? You go to The Tribal Chief, and you try to find the biggest thing cooking right now. And that’s me. So, he’s trying to use my name to promote his movies. So, James Gunn, you’re welcome.”

Roman Reigns isn’t exactly the most honest man in WWE right now, given how he spins everything to revolve around himself. But I’ve watched John Cena perform in WWE for the better part of 20 years, and I don’t doubt for a second that Roman’s assessment is right on the money.

Do you agree with the Tribal Chief?

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