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Gable Steveson is going to SummerSlam, and proving he’s already a worker

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With a thrilling Gold Medal win at the Tokyo Games, University of Minnesota’s Gable Steveson sent his already sky-high stock even further. Fans of collegiate & pro wrestling and mixed martial arts all can’t wait to see what the 21 year old’s next move is.

Steveson is already showing he knows what to do to keep all of their attention, too.

Maybe he learned it from Paul Heyman? In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Steveson says that if he were to sign with WWE, he’d be a Heyman Guy. Sounds like he’s been referred to Paul E. from none other than his mentor, former Minnesota All-American, WWE & UFC champ Brock Lesnar:

“If I ever go to WWE, I’d be a ‘Paul Heyman Guy.’ Heyman is a legend. We’d be two people doing great things, and that would be a tough team to beat.

“And I’ve known Brock since I was in high school. He’s been there for me for a long time, making sure I do things the right way and put my best foot forward.”

While he’s clearly grateful for the attention Vince McMahon’s & Dana White’s companies have paid to him, Gable’s not committed to a path. He’s even considering a move similar to what Lesnar did after leaving WWE in the aughts and checking out the gridiron:

“WWE has been so great to me. Triple H, Brock, Heyman, Ric Flair and so many others have been so supportive. So have people from UFC, like Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones and Henry Cejudo, who have also sent me congratulations.

“So many great organizations and teams have reached out. A scout from the Bills, there is a connection with the Ravens. The Olympic gold medal is helping me see the world, so my next step is going to be a big decision. I’m going to decompress now and think about it.”

While he’s decompressing, he’s going to SummerSlam to check out Heyman’s current associate:

“I’m heading over to Vegas to watch the champ Roman Reigns do his thing. John Cena is great, but he’s still going to have to acknowledge Roman Reigns.”

Check out Justin Barrasso’s entire interview with Steveson here.

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