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The ‘We Want Wyatt’ chants were back during Alexa Bliss’ match on Raw

There have been two episodes of Raw since WWE released Bray Wyatt, and both have featured fans chanting for the former WWE and Universal champion.

On Mon., Aug. 9, the loudest reported instance in Orlando’s Amalie Arena came while Alexa Bliss was wrestling Doudrop.

That’s a bit of a bummer for Bliss (and Doudrop & Eva Marie), but it’s also somewhat understandable. There’s a connection since Alexa’s current gimmick stems from her storyline with Bray. And to whatever extent “We Want Wyatt” is taking the place of “CM Punk” as the go-to chant for when fans think what’s happening in the ring is boring and/or crap (Goldberg and Bobby Lashley got them last Monday), the match won via a winking doll distraction isn’t a surprising place for it to break out.

WWE didn’t do anything to help the Florida crowd forget about The Fiend either, since a video of legends talking about how great Bray is reportedly played in the arena last night. Fans on their phones also may have seen Wyatt’s first tweet since his release earlier in the evening.

Right-thinking fans, of which there are hopefully more than a few, don’t blame Bliss for Bray’s release, or WWE’s decision to continue on with a related character after parting ways with Windham Rotunda. The crowd in Orlando certainly wasn’t anti-Alexa, as they also chanted “Happy Birthday” during commercials in honor of her 30th yesterday.

When will the “We Want Wyatt” chants return? My guess would be next Monday in San Antonio at the latest, and SummerSlam could be interesting if the hardcore fans travel to Las Vegas for the Aug. 21 PPV.

Ronda Rousey is gonna be PISSED...

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