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WWE Raw results, recap, reactions (Aug. 9, 2021): Respect earned

Raw needed this injection of energy back into it.

Well... for the times Randy Orton and Riddle were together at least. While I can honestly say this show wasn’t too bad, it just spins its wheels and felt... fine?

Yeah. Fine.

Randy Orton returned and all was right in Riddle’s world. Until Orton decided that the R-K-Bro stuff was over. Even though he was wearing an R-K-Bro hoodie.

Riddle was so deflated, as was I and the arena. I love their interactions so much.

AJ Styles and Omos came out to be jerks and Orton and Styles decided they wanted to face each other. Hey look it wasn’t something done last week, so it was a win for me.

Halfway through the show, they had a video package of the whole R-K-Bro saga and it was so wholesome. We had to get the team back together.

And then we had the main event.

A pretty good one, with Omos sticking his nose where it didn’t belong, so Riddle who was supposed to not come out to the ring defied Orton and took Omos out. Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm and the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment put him away. The final match time was 11:24.

And then... like Macho Man and Elizabeth... the reunion heard round the world.

Orton got pissed at Riddle and went to leave, but Riddle walked up to him and pleaded. Orton got back into the ring and held his arms out. They embraced!

And then the bastard hit Riddle with an RKO.

HOWEVER! This was not Orton turning heel on Riddle. I’m certain of this. This was Riddle’s rite of passage. That RKO was the solidification of R-K-Bro.

Time to get the tag titles on them!

Let’s get to the rest of the show. For a full rundown of Raw, check out the live blog by Claire Elizabeth!


Sad to say I really don’t care about any of this anymore.

Goldberg does legitimately nothing for me, and last week’s segment was most of this week’s segment. Even after getting a video package in it, half of the promo was addressing what happened last week.

We get it. Goldberg is next, or according to Bobby Lashley, Goldberg isn’t in fact next, he’s done.

Which still means he’s next! But hey semantics, right?

None of these “responses to someone’s response” segments usually hit. Goldberg will probably be back to respond to Lashley’s response of his response.

Response-ception. Let’s get this over with.

The Rest

Nikki A.S.H. vs. Rhea Ripley ends with a... you know what it ended with

Last week I was a fan of Nikki A.S.H.’s promo, but yeah I just couldn’t get into it this week. The almost stuff is just not good. She has a night light? Its just bad writing. They want to make her look like a 6th grader, which Corey Graves sadly said outright on commentary. Nikki is the champion. You can’t be “almost” anything as the champion, even after defeating Charlotte Flair. Come on now. She STILL doesn’t have merch on WWE Shop. 4 weeks as champion! This is just very frustrating. I can tell you this - Rhea made Nikki look MUCH better than Charlotte did last week. And as soon as I finished typing that Charlotte caused the DQ. Boo. I legit LOL’d at the backstage reporter asking why Charlotte would attack Rhea and Nikki. You’re kidding me, right? (Match time - 9:21)

Drew McIntyre defeated Baron Corbin

This Corbin stuff has fascinated me since he lost the crown. I mean don’t get me wrong - he’s an asshole and he needs to do A LOT before gaining sympathy. I feel bad that he had to get in the ring with McIntyre and “Angela” the sword (and that was quite a heartfelt story from him about it being named after his mother and her having cancer) but hey.... screw him. For now. To the match, he was able to get some offense in until McIntyre did a belly to back suplex on the outside and took control. But he gained it back with a superplex from the second rope. McIntyre was smart to hit the Glasgow kiss before Corbin did his clothesline. Corbin begged for mercy, and then mid match... McIntyre grabbed a mic and said he was starting to feel bad for him. Haha this was actually great. Poor Corbin got the Claymore anyway. (Match time - 9:45)

Alexa Bliss defeated DouDrop

Bliss put Lilly on one of the turnbuckles so she could have a front row view. Bliss did a nice cross body from the ropes and was able to hold her own against the “rookie” DouDrop. Man one of her kicks to Bliss’ spine... I felt it. Ow. They.. managed to do a pre-tape during the live show. I have to give them props for this I guess.

It certainly was a way to have DouDrop lose. But like... wouldn’t YOU be distracted by that too? So... alright let’s see how this progresses. (Match time - 3:31)

Sheamus defeated Ricochet

Ricochet had some new super hero looking gear. Looked really cool. (Anything looks cool on Ricochet!) He has no wasted movement at all. Nevermind that he like... literally lost to Sheamus weeks ago but nothing matters. Ric sent Sheamus into the announce table and then did the cross body from the ropes onto him. That was brutal. Irish curse backbreaker slowed Ric’s momentum. Even though we’ve seen this match a few times, they’ve had great ones and this was no exception. There was a real near fall after a moonsault from Ric. God the sell on the Brogue Kick was incredible. Ricochet is so damn good. Damian Priest came out to confront Sheamus, and started to walk off but Priest got smart to it. (Match time - 10:32)

Damian Priest defeated John Morrison

Priest wasted no time unleashing on Morrison. Morrison was doing a great job moving around and keeping Priest on the mat. Priest worked out of it and the elbows traded sounded naaasty. They both kicked each other in the head simultaneously. Morrison could have hurt his leg on a move to the outside but thankfully didn’t. Priest superkicked Morrison as he dove off the top rope. And Priest became the first person to get hit with the drip stick and not be phased by it. It’s a about damn time. And then Miz got up from his chair scared about getting hit by Priest and revealed he hasn’t been injured for a little while now. (Match time - 4:24)

T-BAR defeated Mustafa Ali

Hahahahahahaha. According to MACE, size always matters. And snitches get stitches. Hey I can’t disagree. Sandwiches sizes Mansoor got Ali a new jacket and he was into it this week. Ali dove off the ropes and T-BAR threw him into the barricade. The spinning kick got T-BAR a near fall shortly into it. Ali got crotched on the top rope and the same finish from last week happened. But Mansoor saved Ali from the same fate post match. This is such a good story. (Match time - 3:04)

Karrion Kross defeated Jeff Hardy

So Hardy was out for reasons you already know. But it just feels like a big LOL that even though Kross has been doing something with Keith Lee, they just go right back to this. So ridiculous that he’s cutting promos at hourglasses. The crowd was clearly behind Hardy, and chanted for him throughout the match. He catapulted himself over the steel steps and into Kross at the barricade. Hardy went for the Swanton but Kross prevented it from happening. But Kross got the win with the Kross jacket and then did another one. Jeff must not have friends. (Match time - 8:03)

Total match time for Raw - 59:40

Grade: B-

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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