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Kevin Owens makes even the most mundane announcement entertaining

WWE has been doing this thing lately where they have a member of the talent roster live tweet along with an episode of NXT TV on Tuesday nights. Some folks are better at it than others, of course, but one man who should be fantastic at it just so happens to be the guy who is next up for the gig: Kevin Owens.

He revealed as much on his Twitter and you might be wondering how entertaining literally anyone could make a video of such a mundane announcement but Owens managed to make it fun:

The way he screams “SIX YEARS?!?” at Aliyah after she tells him she’s been on NXT for that long and then immediately ushers her out cracks me up almost as much as his punching the production truck while talking about how much he wishes Billy Kidman was on the show.

“Social media is so important. It’s 2021, people, get with the program.”

This man is a treasure.

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