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NBA Champion Bobby Portis made a special appearance at a WWE show in Milwaukee

When the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA championship just over one week ago, WWE was quick to do its usual thing of slapping some custom side plates on one of its replica titles and sending it off to the squad in time for their victory parade. There’s almost always a pro wrestling fan among the players who gets a kick out of rocking the title, and WWE gets a ton of free promotion out of the deal.

In this instance, Bobby Portis, the lovable underdog, took right to it.

WWE stars like current Champion Bobby Lashley kicked up some Twitter beef with him because, how lucky for the company, they just so happened to be hitting Milwaukee for a house show this weekend. Portis was invited and sure enough, he had a blast showing up to the party:

This may have been a farewell of sorts for Portis, who, as the fine folks over at Brew Hoop documented so well right here, has opted out of the second year of his contract with the Bucks and will enter free agency, where he’s likely to get a much bigger deal from a different team.

But don’t you dare be sour, it was one hell of a run for the underdog who became the top dog.

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