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Love pours in for Bayley after injury news

As you probably heard by now, Bayley was recently injured in training, and could be out for the next nine months. Word is she tore her ACL.

That span of time will cause the Horsewoman to miss not only her planned “I Quit” SmackDown Women’s title match at Money in the Bank, but SummerSlam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and possibly even WrestleMania 38. All told, it’s looking like Bayley could go two years between chances to wrestle in front of fans (she worked WrestleMania 37, but only on the mic and out of the ring).

While reports trickle in about what happened, Bayley’s co-workers have been busy on social media reacting. And it’s clear fans aren’t the only ones heartbroken by the news.

Bayley is one of those folks you not only never hear anything bad about, but about whom you routinely hear stories of her being there to support and help out others.

That shows up at times like this. It doesn’t quite take the sting out of today’s gut punch news, but it’s something.

And if that doesn’t work for you, there’s this... as so many fans and wrestlers have said, the comeback (and comeback pop) is going to be amazing.

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