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Keith Lee asks fans for patience and says don’t quit on him

Keith Lee has been off WWE television for nearly all of 2021, outside of a few weeks in the earliest part of the year. It’s now been five months since his last Raw appearance in February. The rumor mill has given mixed signals about the reason behind his absence. We’ve heard that it’s health related, then it was about creative having nothing for him, then a potential issue with WWE over clearing him for a return. The truth is that none of us really know what’s going on here to explain why Lee has disappeared from television.

Lee has sent out an occasional vague or cryptic tweet during this time about fighting to return, with his latest message coming today.

It’s been one year since Lee defeated Adam Cole to win the NXT championship at The Great American Bash 2020. Lee noted that the win feels like it happened a very long time ago, and he asked fans to remain patient with him:

Does anybody want to take their latest guess as to what’s going on with Keith Lee?

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