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WWE poisons its own list of the nWo’s greatest moments

WWE is celebrating the nWo this week because it’s 25 years since the group’s formation at WCW Bash at the Beach 1996.

As part of the nostalgia, WWE has created the following video of the nWo’s 10 greatest moments:

10. Scott Hall arrives to WCW
9. Kevin Nash joins Scott Hall
8. nWo arrives to WWE
7. WarGames victory over Team WCW
6. Crashing into The Rock
5. Dennis Rodman attacks The Giant
4. nWo destroys the Nitro set
3. The nWo def. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin & The Rock
2. Hollywood Hogan vandalizes the WCW title
1. Hulk Hogan betrays WCW

The biggest thing that stands out to me about this list is that WWE forced three of their own early 2002 entries onto it from the build to WrestleMania 18. Considering how popular the nWo angle was for years in WCW in the mid to late 1990’s, there is simply no need to leave that period to find the nWo’s 10 greatest moments; they all happened in WCW. But WWE can’t help themselves with their revisionist history, and so we get a list where the nWo winning a tag match on Raw ranks as the third greatest moment in the faction’s history.

Which nWo moments that are excluded from the above list rank among your favorites?

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