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Dana Brooke announces her engagement

A couple years ago, Raw Superstar Dana Brooke and WWE Hall of Famer Dave Bautista had some fun with a public, not necessarily PG innuendo-filled online flirtation. It even made it onto television, kind of, when Brooke did a Batista Bomb in a match and The Animal gave her some tips on form.

If that inspired you to ‘ship Brooke-tista, well, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to pull a Bad News Barrett on you.

That’s Dana’s boyfriend, boxer Ulysses Diaz, popping the question, and the Sexy Muscle Friend enthusiastically responding in the affirmative.

Don’t worry, you can still write fanfics. The “fic” does stand for fiction, after all.

The important things is... congrats Dana and Ulysses! Wishing you continued happiness in your lives together.

As for our man Dave? I think he’s probably doing alright. Being a well-respected movie actor does have his perks.

He has some experience walking alone, after all.

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