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Bayley explains why she was hit hard by Tyler Breeze’s WWE release

If the locker room reaction is any indication, WWE decided to part ways with a valuable asset when they released Tyler Breeze a couple weeks back.

When Xavier Woods shared a heartfelt message about his YouTube-ing partner and roommate being let go, it wasn’t too surprising. Same goes for another UpUpDownDown regular, Adam Cole, who told Fightful recently that Breeze’s departure “very, very upsetting.”

It’s Bayley who got specific about why she and other wrestlers will miss Breeze. In an interview published yesterday (July 5) on Metro, while talking about how the string of WWE releases over the last year have hit her hard, Bayley spoke more on her own tribute to Prince Pretty:

“For one, he gives you his time. It wasn’t just me, he was helping Eva Marie at the time, he was helping so many girls that just wanted more. He helped Sasha so much. Everybody was learning the same exact things and we wanted more. So, we would ask Breeze if he could watch our matches. Whether [or not] we knew what we needed to get better at, he did. For me, it was trying to get sympathy from the fans and learning how to sell a body part, certain things.

“I’ve been to his school and I’ve seen all his students, how much fun they have learning from him and the consistent students he has coming in – that just goes to show that he’s doing something right. He’s such a good guy, he’s hilarious, he’s passionate and he’s such a hard worker.

“We’d all work together and he really pushed me. I owe so much to him.”

Like Woods & Cole, Bayley is bullish on Breezey’s future... whatever he decides to do with it.

Seems like a loss to the wrestlers in WWE that he won’t be spending it there, though.

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