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The Great American Bash 2021 results, live blog: Adam Cole vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight, live from the Capitol Wrestling Center: It’s the Great American Bash! Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole look to settle the score, Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher challenge MSK for the men’s Tag titles while Io Shirai & Zoey Stark go after women’s champs Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell, and Cameron Grimes will end up LA Knight’s butler if he can’t beat him for Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar championship. Plus, Johnny Gargano and NXT champ Karrion Kross face-off ahead of an inevitable title clash, Hit Row holds a Cypher to celebrate Swerve winning the North American belt, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.

Enjoy the show!


We’re live for the Bash! A quick note — I’ve got a medical appointment tomorrow morning so someone else from the Cageside team will be doing your post-show recap and posting their grade for the show. Please be kind. Let’s get on to the action!

MSK (champs) vs. Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher (Men’s Tag Team Titles match)

The champs enter first, the challengers stare them down as the NeXTras chant “Ciampa’s gonna kill you,” the lights go down and we get the big match intro. Ciampa blows them a kiss as Thatcher rips off his jacket. MSK hold up their titles as they are introduced in response. The referee holds up both belts and calls for the bell. Here we go!

Ciampa locks up with Nash Carter and pushes him into the corner. He fights his way out and is taken down with a chop. Springboard corkscrew by Carter puts Ciampa down, and Carter blows him a kiss in return. Ciampa tags in Thatcher. Carter pushes Thatcher into the ropes but he cinches up the left arm. Wes Lee tags in to break it up and Thatcher slaps him in the face and kicks him in the head. Ciampa comes in to even the score and both members of MSK are grounded to be pounded in the chest. The ref restores order and Thatcher cranks on Lee’s face, then fish hooks his nose and throws him down. Knees to the ribs as Lee coughs. Thatcher bends his knee backward and drops an elbow on his spine. Ciampa tags back in to keep up the punishment and deliver a hard chop. Running knee and Ciampa signals Lee went to sleep, but he kicks out at 2. Ciampa with a very muscular head lock to Lee. He breaks free, eats a knee, gets scooped up and finally staggers Ciampa with a drop kick. Carter tags in and hits an uppercut and an enzuigiri. Knee to the jaw, kick to the chest, Carter wipes out Thatcher on the outside but Ciampa runs him over for the break.

And we’re back with Ciampa in control of Carter. Carter backflips and lands on his feet to tag in Lee. Lee snaps Ciampa over and dropkicks him from behind. Thatcher pulls down the ropes to slow Lee down as he goes for a springboard and Ciampa nails him with a knee from behind for a near fall. Thatcher gets the tag and Lee tries to kick him away with a boot. He finally suceeds and tags in Carter, and they double team Thatcher for a one count. Chops from Lee. Belly to belly suplex from Thatcher. Ciampa tags in. Chops from the Sicilian Psychopath. Thatcher tags in. Uppercuts from Toothless Timmy. Ciampa tags in. More chops. Carter starts fighting back with fists and elbows. Knee to the face drops Carter down to a knee. They start trading forearms when he gets back up. Carter takes Ciampa down, Ciampa slows him down when he gets back up, but Carter hits him with a knee. Thatcher and Lee both tag back in. Six one nine to Thatcher. Ciampa cuts off Lee as he tags in for a double knee a/k/a Project Ciampa but Lee kicks out! Fairy Tale Ending blocked and reversed for a two count. Thatcher tags in. Lee kicks him away and tags Carter. Thatcher eats a jumping knee and Ciampa tags in. Ciampa goes corner to corner on MSK and goes top rope with Carter, but he escapes. Carter kicks him and Lee tags in. Double teaming. Senton. Tag to Lee. Corkscrew! Thatcher drags Lee out to break up the pinfall. Carter runs over and Thatcher takes him down and throws him back in. Fairy Tale Ending. Ankle lock from Thatcher. Carter bowls everybody over to break it up. Inside cradle by Lee to Thatcher and the champions retain!

Your winners and still tag team champions: MSK

The battery is now up to 91%. Everyone believes it’s Tegan Nox. Coincidentally she worked a dark match before Raw this week. We see footage of Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly arriving earlier today before going to Samoa Joe and William Regal in the ring. Regal: “We’ve all seen how Johnny Gargano has antagonized Karrion Kross and it’s clear it’s not going to end well. I demand Johnny Gargano and Karrion Kross come to the ring right now please.” Gargano answers his request and comes down to the ring as the NeXTras chant “Johnny Wrestling!” Kross walks alone, no Scarlett, NXT title around his waist.

Gargano: “You said I was antagonizing him? Well let’s get the formalities out of the way.” He points at Kross: “You suuuuuuck! I’ve been living rent free in your head for a week and there’s a lot of room in there, I’m living like a king. You’re afraid to get in this ring with me because you know I will expose you.” Regal: “Next week it will be Johnny Gargano versus Karrion Kross for the NXT championship.” Kross: “You think I’m afraid of you? I didn’t try to run you over, you almost got yourself run over because you were in the way. I’m not just bigger than you, I have stronger convictions than you. Every day I wake up with the same three things on my mind: never lose the NXT title, headline WrestleMania, and win the WWE Championship. What do you do in the morning? Put on your wife’s pants? I know you think you’re going to do all these cool moves to me. This isn’t a cartoon, this isn’t a movie, this is real life. Guys like you get beaten up by guys like me, and next week will not be any different.” Regal: “To ensure things go well next week there will be a special guest referee: Samoa Joe.” Gargano: “Yes! I love it. And it’s funny you mention my wife’s pants, because you couldn’t lace my wife’s boots.” Kross: “You know, why wait until next week?” He goes after Gargano but Joe gets in his face to stop him. Kross looks pisssssed! Video package for L.A. Knight versus Cameron Grimes follows. Commercial!

KUSHIDA is pissed that he and Kyle O’Reilly were jumped by the Diamond Mine. “The Diamond Mine may be open, so KUSHIDA is ready.” Sounds like a tease for O’Reilly and KUSHIDA having a tag team match. Roderick Strong and Tyler Rust? Seems like a good choice although I’d really like to see Hachiman in the ring. Time for our next match!

L.A. Knight (champ) vs. Cameron Grimes (Million Dollar Belt on the line - Grimes to be Knight’s personal butler if he loses)

No big match intro this time — the ref calls for the bell and Grimes immediately knocks Knight out of the ring with a knee. He wipes him out on the apron and throws him back into the ring, going top rope for a high crossbody and a two count. Grimes applies a headlock as we go to a replay of Grimes going airborne. Knight gets back to his feet, shoots Grimes off and knocks him down on the rebound. Kicks and stomps follow as the NeXTras chant “You suck” and Knight goads them on: “Oh I suck?” While he’s egging them on Grimes makes a comeback and knocks Knight in the face with a forearm as he dives toward Grimes for a near fall. Moonsault for another near fall. Headlock by Grimes. Grimes rakes the eyes as the ref tells him to knock it off. Knight has some visible rope burns on his back. He shoots Grimes off the ropes and hits a power slam for 2 as we go to a break.

Knight has Grimes grounded as we come back. Grimes hits a jaw jack and Knight hits a gut punch. Both run the ropes and collide in the middle of the ring for a double down as we get a camera giving us a close up of the Million Dollar Belt. Both men get up to trade haymaker fists and elbows. Grimes wins the battle, Knight yanks the hair in frustration, so Grimes goes gorilla on him with a furious assault. Grimes with a slam and a very near fall - 2.9. Clothesline, gut wrench attempt, Knight elbows his way out, Grimes skins the cat on the ropes, Knight picks him up and slams him on his face for two. Grimes with a backslide for a near fall. Enzuigiri. Grimes is floated to the apron and lands on his feet. Knight runs to the ropes and suplexes Grimes to the middle for a near fall. Knight is frustrated he can’t put Grimes away so he goes outside to pick up the title and bring it in the ring with him. The ref confiscates it. Grimes tries to roll him up, Knight tries to reverse it with a handful of tights, Grimes kicks out. Grimes with a poison rana and a near near fall! Grimes goes bug eyed in disbelief it wasn’t three. Grimes pulls himself up with the ropes and says TO, THE, MOON. Knight bails out before the Cave In. Grimes gives chance and gets planted on the ring and DDT’d on the floor onto the title belt. Knight rolls back in and Grimes is out on the floor. Grimes dives back in RIGHT before the ten count. Knight is irate. He immediately spikes a still woozy Grimes with a BFT and pins him.

Your winner of the match and still Million Dollar Champ: L.A. Knight (and Grimes is now Knight’s personal butler too)

Knight: “I hope you brought your plunger. I hope you brought your cleaning products! I’ve got a lot of work for you.” Backstage Dakota Kai and Raquel González are pissed at Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon. “Ember is a little bug that won’t die. And Shotzi. Green haired troll doll. We’ve put her on the shelf before.” González: “Next time it’ll be for good.” Commercial!

NXT Breakout Tournament competitors: Trey Baxter, Carmelo Hayes, Andre Chase, Josh Briggs, Ikemen Jiro, Joe Gacy, Odyssey Jones, Duke Hudson. The opening round begins next week on Tuesday night with Ikemen Jiro vs. Duke Hudson. Adam Cole is getting taped up backstage in preparation for his match with Kyle O’Reilly later, but another title match is coming up next!

The Way (champs) vs. Zoey Stark & Io Shirai (NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles match)

The challengers enter first, Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell last. LeRae has her angel wings on not just for her entrance but when the lights go down for the big match introduction. The ref holds up the belts, the light comes back up, the bell rings and we’re underway!

Io Shirai and Indi Hartwell start us off. Shirai works over the left arm but Hartwell reverses. Shirai kips up and slaps her. Shirai nails her with a pair of dropkicks and stomps on her chest. Hartwell picks her up and carries her to their corner as LeRae tags in for a couple of near falls. Hartwell tags back in for a double whip. Shirai gets the boots up to block and goes to the top rope to nail Hartwell with a missile drop kick for 2. Stark tags in. Double team delayed vertical suplex. Stark makes a cover for 1. Stark boots Hartwell and gets a backslide for a near fall. Hartwell catches a charging Stark then hits a reverse elbow. Hartwell drops Stark gut first on the ropes and she falls to the floor for our commercial break.

We’re back with Hartwell and Stark in the ring. Hartwell plants her with authority and works on the left arm. Stark gets back up and gets cut off before the tag. She kicks Hartwell to get free and leaps to get Shirai tagged in just as LeRae comes in. Shirai face plants her and hits a six one nine. Springboard missile drop kick for a near fall. Shirai pulls her up by the hair, reverse elbow, tag to Stark. Knees from each woman to LeRae. Assisted backbreaker. Stark with a sliding knee for a near fall. Shirai is tagged in as LeRae rolls around in pain. Shirai goes for the moonsault and misses. LeRae goes for the Gargano Escape and Hartwell puts Stark in the Silencer to keep her from making the save. Shirai rolls LeRae onto her shoulders and Hartwell has to abandon the Silencer to break it up. Palm strike uppercut from Shirai. She walks over LeRae’s corpse to the ropes. Hartwell distracts her and LeRae hits a German suplex before Stark breaks it up. Hartwell tags in.Spinning slam from Hartwell for a near fall. Hartwell looks pissed that didn’t finish it. LeRae tags in. Shirai catches her in a roll up for 2. LeRae kicks her in the face in response and tags Hartwell. The lights go out. The battery has now reached 100%. The whole building turns green. Tegan Nox is here! LeRae is shocked. Shirai dropkicks LaeRae out of the ring, tags Stark, Stark hits the 360 and makes the cover. New champions!

Your winners and new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions: Zoey Stark & Io Shirai

Nox runs down and starts pummeling LeRae! She throws LeRae back into the ring and the assault continues as Hartwell is down selling the 360. LeRae bails out of the ring and runs to the back as Nox gives chase. The ref presents the belts to your new champions! O’Reilly is warming up backstage and we get a tease for the Hit Row championship celebration via a rhyme cypher after the commercial break.

Toni Storm says if she gets in the ring with Raquel González she’ll become champion. She also says Sarray is making a huge mistake challenging her. “I’ve won more matches in Japan than she’s had hot dinners. The answer is no.” Meanwhile during the commercial break Dexter Lumis carried Indi Hartwell to the back and Hartwell was nearly in tears!

Ashante “Thee” Adonis is running the audio board as Hit Row do their cypher celebration. B-Fab raps first as Top Dolla chants “hey hey hey” to her bars, then takes his turn on the mic. He says he was never bougie or stupid and brags about getting guap. He says they’re the emperors with new grooves like llamas. Only on NXT could he get away with a punchline that corny. Verzuz this is not. Swerve takes his turn but they give him an actual mic on a stand, where he starts spitting as fast as he possibly can. They stop rapping because the crowd is booing and Top Dolla demands you put some respect on his name. “If you didn’t know, now you now.” They sing their theme song in front of the Great American Bash statue and torch and make their way down to the ring in the process. They shouldn’t have called it a cypher, they should have called it a concert. Honestly if the NeXTras weren’t being told to shake their heads and boo, if this was a concert in an actual concert venue, they’d probably be cheering and waving their hands in the air like they just don’t care. A video package previewing Cole vs. O’Reilly II follows along with a commercial break.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews William Regal backstage. “It looks like Cameron Grimes has a new occupation, and we’ve still got Cole and O’Reilly to go.” She turns to Samoa Joe to ask about being the referee for Kross and Gargano. “I can assure you as enforcer, as long as I’m not provoked, everything should be okay. That being said may the best man win.”

Adam Cole vs. Kyle O’Reilly II

“Cool” Kyle O’Reilly makes his entrance first, but he’s not wearing a hat or dancing. He does have a little bounce in his step but a very determined look on his face to go with it. While he’s getting into the ring we get the millionth plug of the night for name of sponsor purposefully redacted by the author, which Wade Barrett already suggested Grimes could clean up the mess from if Knight celebrates his win with them a little too much. Adam Cole makes his usual BOOM entrance, bay bay, as O’Reilly stands in the corner staring a hole through him. So we’ve got from an unsanctioned match to a regular rules match. That’s the way booking goes these days — backward from the end of the feud to the beginning. O’Reilly pushes Cole into the ropes after the opening bell and the ref calls for a clean break. Cole takes O’Reilly down but he reverses it as the two continue to test each other’s strength even on the mat. Cole kicks out of a pin attempt at 1. He puts O’Reilly in a headlock and they switch back and forth. O’Reilly misses a spin kick as Cole bails to the floor and the director sends us to a commercial break.

O’Reilly is going for an armbar as we come back but quickly switches to an ankle lock. Cole goes for a rope break and O’Reilly stomps on him. O’Reilly wrings the left arm and the NeXTras chant for Adam Cole. Knees to the back and the ribs. Sliding knee to the elbow and a stomp for good measure. Now there’s a dueling chant from the crowd. Reverse elbow from Cole. O’Reilly knocks him down with a kick to the arm and Cole rolls out to recover. O’Reilly gives chase but Cole gets out of the way and hits a Slingblade on the floor. The ref starts a ten count. Both men get back in at 5. Cole with a boot to the face for a near fall. Cole with a neckbreaker for 2. Cole whips O’Reilly hard into the turnbuckle. Wade Barrett calls it a “sternum cracker.” Cole locks in a triangle choke but O’Reilly won’t submit. Cole starts nailing him with elbows and lets go of the hold of his own volition. O’Reilly struggles to his feet. Cole picks him up and O’Reilly fights out with elbows. Knee to the gut of Cole. O’Reilly is selling his neck but still unloads with knees and kicks, knocking Cole down.

O’Reilly with a charging forearm, a knee to the stomach, double underhook take downs back to back and a cover for 2. Kick from behind. Stomp misses. Lung blower by Cole for 2.9. Cole: “I’m better than you O’Reilly. Always have been, and always will be. You are a disappointment, not just to yourself, but to your stupid wife.” O’Reilly charges him and unloads with repeated punches in the corner. Cole escapes and hits a dastardly kick, then posts the left leg into the turnbuckle repeatedly from the outside. Commercial break!

And we’re back right before the top of the hour for a double clothesline double down. They get up trading forearms to the face and O’Reilly gets the better of it until Cole punts him. Cole catches him in the ropes as he tries to bounce off them and works over the knee. O’Reilly returns the favor and both men try and fail to hit a suplex. Now they’re trading kicks to the injured knee. Chop block by Cole from behind. Knee to the jaw from Cole. 2 count as O’Reilly kicks out and we officially enter the overrun. Cole gets up laughing and sits on the top rope. O’Reilly avoids Panama Sunrise. Cole goes for a superkick but O’Reilly catches it and suplexes Cole inside out for a near fall. O’Reilly with multiple kicks to the head. Cole with forearms. O’Reilly with a takedown to ground and pound and the armbar is locked in. Cole tries to reverse and O”Reilly goes for the inside cradle for two. O’Reilly goes for a heel hook and Cole counters into a figure four leg lock! O’Reilly rolls to turn it over and Cole rolls through. O’Reilly kicks his way free and goes for the heel hook and Cole grabs the ropes before he can tap out! O’Reilly with a knee to the jaw and a forearm, Cole with an enzuigiri, O’Reilly charges Cole so hard he sends himself tumbling to the floor outside. Cole hits a Panama Sunrise to the outside and throws O’Reilly back in to cover him. O’Reilly gets a boot on the ropes last second! Cole waits for O’Reilly to get up, sizes him up, O’Reilly goes for a takedown and Cole kicks him away. Superkick by Cole but rebound lariat by O’Reilly! Brainbuster! O’Reilly goes to the top rope. Flying knee misses! Cole hits the knee to the head from behind but O’Reilly kicks out, AGAIN. The NeXTras are going wild and Wade Barrett says he’s losing his mind. Cole goes to the top rope looking for another Panama Sunrise but gets yanked off the top. Cole with kicks to the knee. He goes to the ropes one more time. O’Reilly with a knee to the chest as Cole jumps off. Cole sees O’Reilly selling the knee so he hits a Panama Sunrise and the Last Shot for three.

The winner of this contest: Adam Cole (bay bay)

Rubber match at the next Takeover? You’d have to think so. Good night everyone!

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