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For anyone who ever thought wrestling promos should be moister

I actually love this John Morrison promo, hyping his feud with Ricochet and their rematch on Raw tonight (July 5).

It’s well delivered, interesting to look at it, and includes an impressive athletic trick using an appropriately-themed prop. And it really, really, REALLY makes me want to see Ric kick Johnny Drip Drip’s ass.

It’s already Morrison’s fault I have to hear the word “moist” every Monday night. Repurposing Macho Man catchphrases and uttering the words “fixing to get H2-owned”? In the immortal words of Judge Elihu Smails (and to paraphrase the great J. Jonah Jameson), the man is a menace!

Shout out to Ricochet for a response that not only points out how JoMo is all wet... damnit, now he’s got me doing it... but also makes it clear he is planning to kick the Flood Stud’s damp ass.

The One and Only’s promos have certainly improved during the pandemic era.

Combine that with spots like this? You’re gonna have to pat us all down with a towel.

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