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The United States championship looks so much better than it used to

Is it Independence Day and also an event free Sunday and therefore I’m hard up for hashtag content for the front page of Cageside Seats dot com? You bet your ass it is, but this here tweet from WWE helped me realize the title to this post:

That old title design was awful. I mean, I get it, the U.S. flag for the U.S. title and all that, but the belt thrown over Sheamus’ shoulder is the kind of championship you want to own for yourself. It’s got some bulk to it but it doesn’t overwhelm you. I may also just be a sucker for the eagle on a title.

Yeah, that’s probably it. After all, who can forget this beauty right here.

Either way, I’d argue the current U.S. championship belt is right up there as one of the best looking designs in all of WWE right now, right there with the United Kingdom championship.

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