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Big E tells a great story about how unpleasant The Miz used to be

Big E hooked up with SPORTbible for a chat about the WWE locker room, where they asked questions like who is the most underrated, who is the worst travel partner, and so on and so forth. When asked who is the most vain, E brought up Roman Reigns but then told a great story about The Miz.

From the interview:

“I guess Roman, he’s pretty and that’s pretty obvious from the way he carries himself. The Miz is a great choice, it’s hard to not think of Smackdown people because that’s who I’ve been around with lately.

“You might be surprised, he’s mellowed as he’s gotten older and definitely got better. But he was pretty insufferable when I first met him and I’ve told him this - just very unpleasant to be around and very obnoxious.

“He would do things almost like an 8-year-old. I promise you, he legit did the ‘I’m not touching you’ with his finger an inch from my face and I like being unbothered.

“He’s gotten better which is why he didn’t come to mind but The Miz was fairly awful when I first met him.”

The Miz is very good at pro wrestling, and one of the ways he’s so good is that he’s so easy to hate. It makes sense, then, that he was so easy to hate behind-the-scenes as well.

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