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Report: Bray Wyatt released due to budget cuts, was planning to return in August

Wrestling Observer has reported some details about WWE’s release of Bray Wyatt, which the company announced earlier today (July 31).

Because he’d been off television since April without any concrete explanation as to why, there’d been speculation perhaps Wyatt (real name Windham Rotunda) asked for his release. Dave Meltzer says that wasn’t the case, as WWE’s head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis reportedly told Bray he was being let go due to budget cuts. That is in line with what the company’s told most released wrestlers as they’ve trimmed their roster this year.

Meltzer also noted that Wyatt was preparing to return to the WWE product in August, and was booked for a few dates. At one point he was advertised for the Aug. 9 Raw in Orlando. Fightful Select added there were “tentative creative plans” in place for Bray’s comeback.

The release of another high profile wrestler comes two days after WWE announced its latest profitable quarter. Cutting talent expenditures is likely part of a plan to ensure they can make the same report to shareholders after Q3 2021.

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