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Finn gets his consolation prize next Friday


Obviously the story isn’t over. You have to think Finn Bálor will either end up as part of a SummerSlam Triple Threat Universal title match with Roman Reigns and John Cena, or he’ll be next in line to challenge the Head of the Table after Cena.

But for the time being, The Prince is taking a sizable step down and working with Baron Corbin - and I say that as one of many who’ve found a new appreciation for the former King in his new “broke jerk” gimmick.

WWE won’t waste any time getting into that program either. They’ve booked a match between the two for next Friday (Aug. 6), immediately following up on last night’s angle which saw Corbin take out Bálor during his contract signing with Reigns in an attempt to secure a main event payday.

This is a return to a 2018 feud, fueled by then “Constable” Corbin making fun of Finn for being short. Bálor settled that argument by putting on his Demon paint and beating Corbin at SummerSlam.

Will they dance again at The Biggest Party of the Summer? Or is this a storyline that will play out on television before Bálor gets back into the Universal title picture?

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