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Bálor/Reigns SummerSlam contract signing announced for SmackDown

Are we really going through with this?

We’ll find out tonight, I guess. My money would still be on John Cena interrupting to turn it into a SummerSlam Triple Threat. That would be a bit of a disappointment considering we’ve gotten ourselves hyped up for a one-on-one match between the two biggest male singles stars of this century. But it would make sense either because (a) WWE might not want Cena to take a pin, or (b) because Cena or his agents might not want him working a 30+ main event match where he could get hurt.

In addition to the contract signing, WWE also announced more Bloodline business. The feud between The Usos and The Mysterios will continue when Rey Mysterio takes on Jimmy Uso.

And there’s also this rumored return, if you don’t mind spoilers.

However you partake of the July 30 SmackDown, it’s more fun if you do it with other wrestling fans. You can do that in our live blog here.

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