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The surest sign yet a Becky Lynch comeback is imminent?

Or just another troll job?

We’ve been anxiously awaiting Becky Lynch’s return to WWE since Royal Rumble. The Man - and the rumor mill - have worked us a multiple times this year, and the latest report says Seth Rollins’ better half won’t be back until at or after the next Draft. That’s currently believed to set for early October.

I’m gonna join the crew of internet wrestling fans getting too excited by this Instagram post from Lynch’s hairstylist, though...

Becky’s look has changed up over the years, from steampunk to no-nonsense to Beatrix Kiddo. But through the years, her bright orange hair is a signature element of her presentation. Coming back without it would be like if John Cena returned wearing trunks instead of jorts.

So this has to be a step toward her appearing on a WWE show, right? It’s definitely possible it’s misdirection - I wouldn’t even put it past Bex to get the salon to get in on the fun. But I’m choosing to make like AFC Richmond and believe.

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