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The Rock explains the impact Bret Hart had on his career to Emily Blunt

Screen Rant’s YouTube

The Jungle Cruise media tour has already teased a mixed tag team of stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson & Emily Blunt (and made it clear Rocky vs. Vin Diesel is still a big money match just waiting for some smart wrestling company and/or movie studio to book).

Now, with an assist from Screen Rant’s Joe Decklemeier, it’s given us this moment. At the moment this video is cued up to, Johnson presses pause on the interview wrap-up to tell Blunt about the “Hitman” shirt Decklemeier is wearing.

Johnson: I want to say one thing before we leave, and you’ll appreciate this...

Blunt: We’ll see.

Johnson: [Laughs] Yeah. The t-shirt he’s wearing is a guy who didn’t have to be, but he was so good to me when I was a rookie professional wrestler...

Blunt: Who is he?

Johnson: ...and his name was Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart. Comes from a very wrestling family. But at that time he was World champion and there were a lot of guys in that world at that time in ‘96 that didn’t necessarily embrace me...

Blunt: When you were the good guy?

Johnson: Well, just when I was a rookie coming in. Cause everyone is hungry for their spots, and there’s a lot of sharks in the water. But that guy, Bret - and he was World champion - to show me like how it’s done.

Blunt: Why do you think he was nice to you?

Johnson: I think because he knew - our families knew each other, and he knew that I came from a lineage of pro wrestling and that I had a real love and respect for wrestling. I mean, he was just a great guy, and I always like to give him props where I can.

It’s a pretty standard “DJ pays respect” moment, which are standard from a class act like The Rock. But the addition of Blunt as the curious non-wrestling fan makes it extra charming.

If the mixed tag thing doesn’t come together, WWE Network should just make a series where Rocky catches Em up on the history of the business.

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