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Pat McAfee absolutely rules

I don’t have anything particularly insightful to say here, or really any sort of in depth breakdown of what makes Pat McAfee so damn good at his job. I just think if we’re going to talk about when folks aren’t doing well, we need to talk about when folks are doing well.

And hot damn is this guy doing well.

Look at those photos. McAfee may not be the most knowledgeable pro wrestling mind but he never presents himself that way. Instead, he simply respects the hell out of the business, and acts like, well, a fan. While Michael Cole is telling us what is going on, McAfee acts as a conduit for all of us. We get to live vicariously through him at the desk.

He also enhances the action. Take a look at the commentary desk after this Owens bump through a table from SmackDown this week:

I love this guy. He cares about what is happening in front of him, at literally all times, and he knows how to translate that in both verbal and non-verbal ways. WWE could not have made a better decision on a color commentator for the best show they put on TV each week, and he is absolutely a major part of said show earning that distinction.

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