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WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (July 2, 2021): Inevitable

Edge started the show talking about how badly he wanted to win the title at WrestleMania.

It would have been a great story it would have been. It wasn’t in his plans, and rocked him, so he took some time off.

During the time off, he rewatched the match. He could have complained about Daniel Bryan’s insertion in that match, and 2006 Edge would have, but in 2021 he knows there’s always excuses and obstacles.

He then threw it to a picture on the tron from WrestleMania when Edge had Roman Reigns in the crossface with the piece of chair in his mouth and said that his eyes told the story. He’s in Reigns’ head, and Reigns knows he can beat him.

Then the story shifted with a few backstage segments between Jimmy Uso and Paul Heyman. Jimmy was heavily into the Head of the Table regime and said that he and Reigns would call out and take care of Edge when Reigns got to the arena.

Later, Heyman had to tell Jimmy that the Tribal Chief runs things on his own time, and it looked like Main Event Jimmy would have to go it alone. So Jimmy decided to use this moment as a way to show Reigns that he’s all in.

But when he went out there and Edge came out, Edge said what this really was. It was not Edge getting played by Reigns and Jimmy, it was Jimmy getting played.

And he was spot on.

Edge charged the ring and Jimmy was looking around for Roman, but he didn’t make the save. Edge speared him and broke off the same little piece from the steel chair and did the same crossface to Jimmy, and Jimmy had the same look as Roman.

Roman was nowhere to be found.

Edge asking Jimmy what happened to “Nobody’s Bitch” was really good, because it did seem like Jimmy was a bit quick to jump into this new right hand man stuff. It was because Jey was starting to get worked up over it, which was a nice touch for this story. But now all of a sudden Jimmy wants to hurt people for Roman.

I don’t know how I feel about it yet.

Now, the reason why I highlighted the word “inevitable” is because of my other point about SmackDown as a whole. The blue brand was inevitably going to turn into a subpar show after Roman’s return. It’s not because of Roman or anything involving him, it’s because the pandemic made this company incredibly lazy.

When one story is the highlight of 5 hours of weekly television, you have a problem on your hands. SmackDown got the Raw treatment since WrestleMania of repetition and laziness, which is unfortunate. And feuds that started after the big pay-per-view are still ongoing (Alphas/Profits and Nakamura/Corbin).

The point is - crowds. We need them. And we’ll have them very soon!

Let’s get to the rest of the show. For a full rundown of SmackDown, check out the live blog by Claire Elizabeth!

Quitting may finally end this feud

Bayley came out to brag about pinning Bianca Belair.

Physically, Belair is strong, but mentally, she’s weak. A loss this early isn’t a good sign. Bayley said that she’s crumbling in the pressure, and it would be sad to see her fall apart in front of all of her worshippers.

Belair interrupted looking un-phased by Bayley’s words. She said that Bayley is obsessed with her, but she is in her head. So in order to get over Bayley, she needs to be embarrassed at Money in the Bank.

But not just in any ordinary match, in an I Quit match.

Bayley said that she’d quit competing altogether if she were to say I quit.

This was a good segment with Bianca very confident in herself as Bayley looked at her worried that she may end up saying the words.

They’ve been bouncing these roles back and forth for a few weeks now. It seems obvious to me that Bayley will be the loser and take time off until the draft. I guess they could pull a shocking win in front of fans since Bianca never said she’d quit WWE.

I don’t see that happening though.

Welcome back

Well well well.

Zelina Vega returned as Sonya Deville’s next pick for the women’s Money in the Bank match.

Vega came back and said that she’s the most popular woman in WWE and she deserves this spot.

Liv Morgan came out to protest her not getting added to the Money in the Bank match. I had to go back and remind myself that she won against Carmella last week.

So she slapped Vega and said that she needs to prove it, and Deville allowed a match to happen.

And then Vega got rolled up.

This is another one of those “monkey’s paw” situations I was referring to a few recaps back. Yay for Zelina returning and being in the Money in the Bank match, boo to her getting pinned in her return match.

They’re telling a good story with Liv winning matches and not getting inserted into that match, but at Zelina’s expense? I would have rather Liv/Carmella 6 happened instead.

And speaking of Carmella, her looking on with a glass of champagne and smiling after she lost twice was strange. That’s a bit too delirious for me.

The Rest

Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn

I really just enjoy watching Owens and Zayn going at it. They have insane chemistry, only built between them for the last 20 years together. Zayn tossed Owens into the announce table and it didn’t break so I imagine that hurt. Owens stacked two tables on top of each other and Zayn saved himself. Owens went to the top rope and Zayn pushed him into the tables, but he was able to get up at the 9 count. Owens was almost dropped on his head on the apron and he still was able to make it back up. Absolutely excellent finish with Owens putting Zayn through the announce table, then the second table Zayn set up, and then a “Vintage KO” apron bomb.

Kingsuke Nakamura and Big E defeated Apollo Crews and King Baron Corbin

I was going to complain about Corbin coming out with the King music and graphics, but then Greg Hamilton announced him as King... and then apologized and the music just cut off and he said “Baron Corbin” in such a blah way and I LMAO’ed. I mean it still doesn’t really make sense that production wouldn’t update their stuff, but I popped for that so I’m not complaining. Then he did a walk of shame to his corner. Also all of that happening after Pat McAfee was shitting on his appearance was just so good. And then Rick Boogs announced that Corbin’s car was being towed away and they showed a really nice G-Wagon being loaded onto the tow truck. Okay look I’ve been saying I wanted to see a Corbin face turn and what it would look like and it seems that it’s where we’re heading? It’s something different. I’ll take it.

Poor guy. And Boogs was being a douchebag to Corbin afterward. Sheesh.

Otis defeated Angelo Dawkins

My goodness they couldn’t at least let Otis keep his long hair? Another poor guy deserved here. Anyway he won so I don’t feel too bad for him. I like his aggression.

Grade: B-

What were your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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