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Reginald is already a bigger star than Ricochet

Reginald is thriving as the new 24/7 champion, essentially bringing his Cirque du Soleil moves to the squared circle to escape the jobbers who are in constant pursuit of the gold.

On WWE’s The Bump, Reginald explained that Ricochet has played a significant role in mentoring him as a wrestler:

“He’s a mentor. He’s everything to me. He was one of the guys that I gravitated towards most when I got here, because before coming here, I looked up to him. Because he was the one doing all of the coolest high-flying movements and whatnot. And so he’s been such a huge help, big mentor, most definitely vital to my growth.”

This seems to me like a case where the pupil has surpassed the master, at least in the eyes of Vince McMahon. Reginald was previously a focal point in the story leading up to Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair at WrestleMania 37. And while the 24/7 championship is reserved for low carders, Reginald’s spectacular entrance alone makes it feel like he’s receiving a bigger push than Ricochet ever will in WWE.

Reginald went on to say that he embraces the mission of putting smiles on people’s faces, and he plans to be in WWE for a very long time.

How far do you think Reginald can go in WWE?

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