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The Cena/Riddle Bro-mance continued after the July 26 Raw

AnonimusLH on Twitter

Last Monday (July 19), during John Cena’s first night back on Raw since January 2019, the Superstar he interacted with was Riddle.

It was just a quick bit at the end of Cena’s promo challenging Roman Reigns for SummerSlam, but it was an indication WWE sees money in the King of Bros. Some get to interact with legends like the 16 time WWE World champ. Others get 50/50 booked.

Okay, Riddle’s experienced both. But you get what I’m saying.

Cena didn’t appear during the televised portion of Raw last night, but after the show went off the air he came out to send the Kansas City crowd home happy. And guess who joined him?

The new Bros had a lot of fun while they were picking up a win over Extinction.

Bro. Randy Orton is going to so jealous when he gets back next week.

I’m just glad Cena figured out what a Bro is.

Will this Bro-mance find its way back onto our screens during The Summer of Cena?

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