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Reginald put on a whole show last night

WWE’s 24/7 title scene has been in a rut since WrestleMania 37 (and some might argue longer than that, like since it was introduced, or at least since the Drake Maverick/R-Truth storyline wrapped up).

I don’t know that a weekly Cirque du Soleil performance from current champ Reginald will fix that. But for at least one night on July 26, it was a blast.

This is the video coming up in a sec, but if anything’s ever been GIF-worthy, it’s this entrance...

Suck it, Sin Cara.

He doesn’t stick the landing on his next feat of acrobatic derring do, and the bit where he slips out of his jacket doesn’t come off as well as they probably hoped it would. But the matador routine that follows is slick, and the front flip seated senton pinning maneuver looks about as good as something like that can.

The exit’s even more impressive than the entrance, and deserves repeated looks:

He even worked a little parkour into the obligatory “24/7 champ flees the building” online exclusive video.

Mic-ing up R-Truth for the match was a fun twist, too. The whole thing was fun! We love fun!

I think I might too, Sami.

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