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Keith Lee vows to tell the story of his 2021 in WWE directly to fans

Keith Lee has returned to WWE Raw, but the intrigue surrounding his months long absence hasn’t diminished. In part, that’s because the former NXT champion’s been booked to lose twice - on July 19 in a quick match with WWE champ Bobby Lashley, and last night (July 26) a longer match with current NXT titleholder Karrion Kross that ended in a submission.

More than just his unexplained five month hiatus, Lee himself has fueled speculation with tweets alluding to but not providing an explanation. Before the latest episode of Raw, the Limitless One offered another promise that he’ll provide answers... soon.

Interestingly, he got some public support from a respected locker room presence, WWE veteran R-Truth:

Lee also interacted with a fan, indicating again that his preferred means of telling his tale was taken “off the table”. By whom or why, we don’t know.

Rumors have varied, at times painting the issue as health-related, at others as “creative has nothing for you.” Whatever it is, it must be a hell of a story. Lee seemed to be destined for the main event after a Survivor Series moment with Roman Reigns, and another in the Royal Rumble with Brock Lesnar. Now he’s Goldberg’s set-up guy.

I guess we’ll find out in a week or two. Maybe.

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