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WWE NXT results, live blog (July 27, 2021): Adam Cole vs. Bronson Reed

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the newest episode of WWE NXT, airing live on Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on USA Network SyFy.

Check out our Wednesday morning preview post to get caught up on what's been happening, and what we expect this week.

Advertised for tonight, on tape from the Capitol Wrestling Center (spoilers are here, if you’re interested - and if you are and chose to discuss them in the comments, please use the spoiler tag): Adam Cole and Bronson Reed do battle, Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan take on Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher, the Breakout Tournament continues with Carmelo Hayes vs. Josh Briggs in a first round match, and more!

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the NXT live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.

REMINDER: Please keep GIFs and pics to a minimum. They slow down updates and refreshes for some of your fellow community members.

Enjoy the show!


I hope everybody’s tuned in to SyFy instead of USA Network right now. Let’s get started! We open with Samoa Joe’s promo from last week about considering himself “provoked” by Karrion Kross, only Kross took out William Regal before Joe could get to him. This takes us live to the Capitol Wrestling Center, where the NeXTras are already pounding on the glass. Beth Phoenix tells us Raquel González is here tonight with something to say, and Wade Barrett reminds us that Adam Cole vs. Bronson Reed is our main event. First up though is some tag team action!

Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher vs. Pete Dunne & Oney Lorcan

Thatcher & Ciampa are looking confident and dangerous. Dunne & Lorcan are snarling and looking sour. Barrett says he’s “expecting a masterpiece in savagery.” So am I sir, so am I. The referee has to keep both sides apart while Dunne & Lorcan make their entrance. Thatcher is warming up his wrists in anticipation of throwing fists. The bell rings and we get a lock up between Thatcher and Dunne. Thatcher goes for an arm lock. Dunne drops down for a leg lock. Test of strength as Thatcher gets back up. He overpowers Dunne for a two count. He stands on Dunne’s head and goes for an arm bar, but Dunne counters into a leg hold. Thatcher gets to his back and then to his feet as both men size each other up. Another test of strength is won by Thatcher, but Dunne goes for a triangle choke. Thatcher steps through into a single leg crab but Dunne counters into a lock lock. Thatcher tries to roll him up for a pin. Both men get up and Ciampa tags in. Dunne steps out and in comes Lorcan. Ciampa gets a headlock and takes Lorcan to his knees. Lorcan tries and fails to shoot him off. Lorcan pushes Ciampa to the corner and throws a chop, and Ciampa responds in kind before hitting a knee that sends Lorcan tumbling to the floor. Ciampa rolls out to throw Lorcan back in and tags Thatcher. Thatcher works over the left arm and Lorcan locks his hands to block a submission. Ciampa tags back in, stomps on Lorcan, and works over the same arm, stomping on it as he stares at Dunne. Dunne tags in because he’s pissed off. Dunne with a leapfrog and a lariat to the jaw. Ciampa with a snapmare takeover. Thatcher gets in illegally and they club both men in the chest. Thatcher and Lorcan keep fighting outside. Ciampa throws Dunne out and both Lorcan & Dunne are thrown into the glass to send us to a commercial break!

Vic Joseph tells us it’s been “all Lorcan and Dunne” during the commercial break. Lorcan tags in and he grabs Thatcher by the chin before throwing chops at his chest, all while Dunne keeps Thatcher’s arms pinned behind his back. Thatcher gets to his feet to throw an uppercut but Lorcan knocks him down with one in kind. Thatcher staggers Lorcan with a chop before Lorcan gets up for a chop. Thatcher hits a step up enzuigiri and makes the hot tag. Ciampa cleans house on both men and punctuates it with a double tackle. He and Thatcher slap each other in the face to get fired up. Dunne and Ciampa trade forearms. Dunne with a German suplex and a roundhouse kick. Bitter End blocked. Ciampa goes for the Fujiwara armbar but Ridge Holland is here! Dunne gets a roll up off the distraction for a near fall. Bitter End, three count. Dunne and Lorcan both smile at the site of Holland and then the three-on-two beatdown begins. Thatcher gets decimated by Holland. Ciampa is held on place so Holland can give him a heat butt. Nobody makes the save. No one.

The winners of this contest: Oney Lorcan and Pete Dunne

Carmelo Hayes promo. He took KUSHIDA to the limit. He slapped Adam Cole in the face. Those were opportunities, but this is the opportunity, and he promises to be the brightest star in the Breakout Tournament. Meanwhile Samoa Joe is headed through the parking lot to the CWC wearing a shirt that says “provoke me.” Nice touch. Commercial!

Hit Row promo. B-Fab shows off her bilingual skills. Top Dolla does as well and declares himself “the new king of the jungle.” Ashante “Thee” Adonis tells everybody to stop talking about Hit Row or they’ll get knocked out. Swerve: “If you didn’t know, now you know.”

Samoa Joe has arrived

“Karrion Kross! I could come out here and bark about you until I’m blue in the face, but I know you’re too much of a gutless coward to be in the building right now. So I decided to be proactive. Mr. Regal, would you join me in the ring please sir.” Joe has already set up a table and a chair before Regal’s arrival, and offers the chair to Regal, but he prefers to stand. “I can see the rage bubbling behind your eyes, and I understand. What Karrion Kross did last week was reprehensible, it was wrong. And I know tonight you’re going to fire Karrion Kross. Listen to me! I have a much better solution. I have a way to satisfy all of our needs in three easy steps. Step number one — with this piece of paper I tender my resignation from NXT management. Effectively, I quit. But with this piece of paper, and your signature, you reactivate me as a part of the active roster here on NXT.” Joe hands him a pen. Regal signs the paperwork and the NeXTras erupt in cheers. Joe: “But of course, I said that this was a three step process. And with this paper you will make official Samoa Joe vs. Karrion Kross for the NXT championship at Takeover 36!” Regal hesitates for only a second before signing the contract. The crowd chants “thank you Regal” and the two shake hands.

Josh Briggs promo. He’s from “Nothing, Arizona.” He says Carmelo Hayes stands in the way of his destiny, and he promises to break bodies and dreams on his way to glory. LA Knight is on the golf course when we return!

“How long do you want me to wash your balls for?” Cameron Grimes is cleaning LA Knight’s golf balls as his caddy. “Get me a driver.” “A driver? I am your driver!” “No, a golf club.” “Now get me a sand wedge.” “A sandwich? What am I your caddy or your chef?” Grimes bets him one thousand dollars he’ll hit the ball into the trees. He refuses. Grimes ups the offer to five thousand. He refuses again. Knight hits the ball into the trees. “I believe you owe me five grand.” “I don’t owe you anything. Now go get the ball!” “Yes Mr. Knight.”

NXT Breakout Tournament: Carmelo Hayes vs. Josh Briggs

Hayes arrives first. Briggs comes out to music that sounds like a poor knockoff of Slipknot’s “Psychosocial.” The bell rings and we’re underway. Hayes sizes up the larger and taller Briggs. Briggs easily overpowers him for a slam. Briggs picks him up but Hayes escapes and throws hands and chops. Hayes tries a springboard and is caught mid air for a bear hug. Kick and punches from Hayes. Dropkick brings Briggs down to his knees. Briggs responds by tossing Hayes high over the ropes to the floor outside, where he starts selling his arm. Briggs gets out of the ring to throw Hayes back in. Hayes catches Briggs getting back in the ring with a series of kicks, then hits a springboard leg drop for two. Hayes goes for a headlock but Briggs picks him up. Hayes counters with a guillotine choke attempt but can’t cinch it up. Forearms from Hayes. Spinning elbow from Briggs as we go to commercial.

Briggs is in control and the crowd is booing. The ref is asking Hayes if he wants to quit. Duke Hudson has joined commentary to scout his opponent for the next round. Barrett calls it an honor to have Hudson next to them. Near fall for Briggs. Hudson says Briggs is as big as a tree, but he knows how to chop a tree down. Hayes escapes a slam and hits an enzuigiri. Briggs is reeling. Springboard cutter off the ropes and Briggs is dazed. Briggs goes for a choke slam but Hayes hits a jawbreaker for a near fall. Beth Phoenix loves the “innovative offense” of Hayes. Briggs stumbles as he tries to throw Hayes across the ring. He connects with a big boot though and hits a one handed choke slam ... and Hayes kicks out at 2.9! Briggs is pissed. Hudson says they’re both very talented but “better luck next time” having to go against him. Hayes counters a sidewalk slam and gets a tilt a whirl takedown. To the top rope! Flying leg drop, three count. Hayes has done it!

The winner of this contest and advancing in the tournament: Carmelo Hayes

Duke Hudson: “I’m looking forward to (Hayes). It’s going to be a breeze.” Phoenix: “That leg drop might be in your future!” Hudson: “I don’t think so Beth.” Backstage Franky Monet says she could merge with the Robert Stone Brand and make them better, or she could rebuild them from the ground up, or she could team with Jessi Kamea to win the women’s tag titles. Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter come up and tell them to get to the back of the line. Franky Monet: “They’re super annoying.” Jessi Kamea: “They’ve been annoying.” Commercial!

Cameron Grimes is pretending to be a play by play announcer and annoying Knight. “The ball goes into the water.” Grimes: “Double or nothing! That looks like ten thousand now.” Knight tells him to go get the ball out of the water. Ted DiBiase pulls up on a golf cart. “Guys like LA Knight, they’re only going to hang you out to dry.” Grimes: “I’m a man of my word Ted. I thought you’d be more angry if I didn’t keep my word.” DiBiase: “You weren’t born to be a butler. You were born to be a fighter. I want you to to think about that.” He drives off.

Ridge Holland is caught leaving and questioned about what he did: “It’s none of your business. Timothy Thatcher isn’t the first person I’ve smashed up, and he won’t be the last.”

Raquel González has something to say

González and Dakota Kai hit the ring. Kai makes a hand sign as González wears the belt backward per usual. González: “Last week I crushed one of the most feared superstars in the women’s division. I have dominated every single person who has stepped up to the plate. Who’s next? All I have to say is keep ‘em coming.” Kai: “18 months ago you debuted, and you’ve been absolutely unstoppable ever since. I tell people my best friend Big Mami Cool is the most dominant woman in NXT history. More dominate than Charlotte Flair, Asuka, Shayna Baszler. You have defeated every one who has stood in your path. The list goes on and will continue to go on. Do you know why the NXT women’s division is one of the greatest? It’s because of one woman. NXT Takeover is four weeks away, so let me ask this, who is woman enough to challenge Raquel, huh? Which women knows they have what it takes to stand in this ring and face Raquel? Is there any one at all? We’re waiting. No no no, there is no one. We have been through so much together. As long as I have your back, you will always been champion.” Kai holds her arm up and they pose. González climbs the ropes and waves her belt in the faces of the NeXTras. Kai charges her as she steps back down and nails her with a flying knee! She takes the belt, stares at it, and now she’s waving it in González’ face. She drops it on the champion as the crowd cheers. Raquel González looks stunned, upset, and ready to cry.

Adam Cole: “Lately everybody has been trying to attach themselves to yours truly. Bronson Reed, he’s talking about Adam Cole is going to be his rebound. Are you kidding me? I’m not a rebound, I’m the top of the mountain, and I’m going to make you fall off. I could give a damn about your 14 year journey because tonight will be a very sad chapter in it courtesy of Adam Cole, bay bay.” Commercial.

Io Shirai is training by herself. Zoey Stark says they should be training together since they’re the champions. Shirai: “No thanks. I don’t like you.” Stark: “Come on, let’s go hang out. Trust me. I promise you’re not going to regret this. You’re going to have a great time. I promise!” Backstage Mandy Rose is talking to Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolan. Rose: “Get out of here!”

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter vs. Jessi Kamea & Franky Monet

Kamea and Carter start off before Catanzaro tags in for a near fall. Carter tags herself back in and gets a roll up. Kamea finally knocks Carter down with a kick. Carter kicks her away and Monet blind tags in. Carter kicks her in the head and lands a back elbow. Monet spikes Carter with a DDT in response. Beal and double knees. Kamea tags back in and gets a near fall. Monet tags back in as the heels are cutting off the ring. Carter goes for a slap but Monet chops her down with a kick. Carter collides with Kamea but Monet throws her down and hits ground and pound. Robert Stone throws in his handbag to use as a weapon but it turns out to be a distraction that allows Catanzaro to tag in and hit the 450 for the win!

The winners of this contest: Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter

Wade Barrett is with Roderick Strong and Malcolm Bivens. Strong: “Wade when you compete at the level I do, this game is 90% mental and 10% physical, and my 10% is better than everybody’s 100%. All the drama in Undisputed Era is something I couldn’t break through until I got a call from Malcolm Bivens, and that’s when I knew he was the man for me.” Bivens: “Roderick Strong is the number one because he is a leader. Who would have thought it would be Malcolm Bivens to bring him back? Even our esteemed leader William Regal couldn’t do that.” Strong asks if Fish vs. Strong is next. Bivens: “Do you like money? Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, they’re a liar, and they’re damn sure broke. Fish and Strong, NXT. Let’s get that money.” Strong: “When I finish you, this, is, over.” Commercial!

William Regal, Triple H and Shawn Michaels are together and they’ve made an agreement with Johnny Saint to bring WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov to NXT Takeover 36. WALTER will defend the NXT UK title on August 22nd and I can’t wait to see it!

Imperium (Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel) vs. Hit Row (Top Dolla & Ashante “Thee” Adonis)

The referee holds Imperium back as Hit Row do their thing for the cameras. Barthel and Adonis are starting the match off. The crowd is chanting “Hiiiit Rowwww” as they size each other up. Adonis knocks Barthel down with a dropkick. Barthel chops him and pounds on his back in response. Barthel flips him inside out onto his face as Aichner tags in for an arm drag. He hoists Adonis to his shoulders but Adonis escapes and unloads with knees. Aichner shoots him off but Adonis hits a neck breaker for a near fall. Short arm clothesline from Aichner to take Adonis off his feet. Aichner grabs him by the ear but Adonis gives him a jawbreaker and tags in Top Dolla. Top Dolla tags him down with a jumping knee and yells their catchphrase to the crowd. He picks Aichner up and tags Adonis in for a double team dropkick and a near fall. Aichner counters a neck breaker with a fall away slam and Barthel tags back in. He hands Adonis in a tree of woe but B-Fab interferes for the save. Leg sweep by Adonis. Spinebuster! Near fall on Barthel. Adonis strikes a pose as we go to break.

Imperium hits a double team drop kick as we come back but Top Dolla makes the save. Adonis hits punches to the body but a quick tag leaves Imperium in control. Adonis crawls for the tag but Barthel snags the ankle at the last second. Adonis kicks him away but Barthel snags the leg again and goes for an ankle lock. Adonis is dragged to the heel corner as Aichner tags in to do damage. Back breaker for two. Aichner admires his handiwork, adjusts his tights, and tags Barthel back in. Adonis tries to punch his way free but eats a double underhook suplex for a near fall. Adonis is yanked away right as he’s about to hit the tag but Adonis finally shakes him free and Scott urges him to make the tag. He gets it! Top Dolla clears house with forearms, kicks and knees to both men from Imperium. Elevated elbow for a near fall before Barthel makes the save. Top Dolla throws him out with ease and tags Adonis back in. Adonis with a face plant and a kip up. Legado del Fantasma’s flunkies run down to attack Swerve. The distraction allows Imperium to double team Adonis with an assisted power bomb, and Barthel makes the cover for three.

The winners of this contest: Imperium (Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel)

Legado del Fantasma try to take out Top Dolla after the match with a three on one stomping, but Scott starts swinging a chair wildly to save his friend as the crowd erupts in cheers. Legado take a powder and mock Hit Row as they do so.

Backstage Candice LeRae blames Johnny Gargano for Austin Theory running away. There’s a knock on the door and Gargano hopes it’s Theory, but instead it’s some hand made artwork showing Dexter Lumis as part of The Way. Hartwell: “Everyone deserves a chance.” Gargano: “No chance!” LeRae: “In hell.” Hartwell proposes a match between Gargano and Lumis. If he wins, Hartwell gets her man. If he loses, Hartwell can’t bring him up again. Bronson Reed is getting ready backstage as we go to break!

The Grizzled Young Veterans are on the golf course and complaining that LA Knight is playing too slow. They offer a bet in response — $20,000 to whoever can hit the ball into the hole. Grimes hits Knight in the nuts and the head with his backswing, and knocks his gold ball straight into the cup for a hole in one! The Grizzled Young Veterans flee in their golf cart as Knight things they jumped him instead of Grimes smacking him up. Knight chucks his club at them in frustration as we run down next week’s card: Johnny Gargano vs. Dexter Lumis, Bobby Fish vs. Roderick Strong, and Joe Gacy vs. Trey Baxter in the final first round Breakout Tournament match.

Bronson Reed vs. Adam Cole

Reed enters first, Cole does his entire “boom” shtick, and we’ve only got six minutes left until the top of the hour. Even though this was pre-taped, an overrun seems assured. The ref calls for the bell and Cole warily sizes Reed up before trying a go behind. Reed shrugs him off with ease. Reed: “How are you Cole, you good?” Cole: “I’m fine, shut up!” Cole goes for a head lock. Reed punches free and knocks him down with a shoulder. Cole is scooped up but escapes and chops the leg. He puts the left leg in the ropes and kicks it repeatedly. Reed runs the ropes, Cole tries to attack and bounces off him like a pinball. Press slam by Reed with a big elbow for good measure. Cole rolls to the ropes to recover. Cole goes for a sunset flip and Reed just sits on him. Cole goes to the apron and Reed grabs a handful of hair to slam his head into the turnbuckle. Reed goes to the second rope and keeps punching Cole in the head. Cole fights him off and flips over him to kick the knee as we go to the commercial break.

We’re back with Adam Cole in control working over the left leg. Reed is trying to punch Cole with his right arm and Cole lets go, then whips the leg again as Reed writhes in pain. Kick to the back. He puts the leg through the ropes for more kicks. He lays the leg on the ropes, jumps in the air and sits on it. Reed screams as his knee gets torqued. Reed crawls across the ring to Cole. Cole says he’s “nothing” and Reed gets back to his feet to trade forearms. Cole gets splashed in the corner and knocked down by a belly. Senton for two. Reed’s knee gives out as he tries to pick up Cole. Enzuigiri by Cole. Reed succeeds in picking him up the second time for a near fall. Hit Row vs. Legado del Fantasma is announced for next week during the match as Cole goes for another near fall after a kick to the jaw. Pump kicks by Cole. Reed catches the third and chops Cole repeatedly in the corner until the ref makes him break clean. Cole kicks the knee and hits Panama Sunrise. Reed kicks out! Cole pulls down the knee pad. Reed with a clothesline, a power bomb, and he’s going outside to the top rope. Tsunami time! Cole moves at the last second to avoid it. Superkick, knee to the back of the head, three count bay bay.

The winner of the main event: Adam Cole

Kyle O’Reilly runs out and smashes a chair into Cole’s back, chokes him out with it, disassembles the ring steps, and gives him a suplex right onto the steps. Cole lays there in a heap as O’Reilly stares him down. Good night from the CWC!

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