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The Rock has no WWE plans, except for maybe Mixed Match Challenge with Emily Blunt

Remember to never trust pro wrestlers when they deny rumors and reports about their wrestling plans.

With that in mind, here’s this from Entertainment Tonight’s red carpet interview with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt at the premiere of their new Disney flick, Jungle Cruise:

When asked if he could tease anything about a potential WWE return, Johnson said, “There’s nothing.” Blunt then chimed in, joking, “It’s gonna be me and him.”

“Yeah, it’s gonna be a tag team,” Johnson agreed.

“Gonna be me and him, and there’s gonna be a big fight,” Blunt quipped.

The current scuttlebutt on Captain Frank - er, we mean The Rock - is that WWE wants him at Survivor Series in Brooklyn this November as part of a feud with his cousin Roman Reigns. The angle would pay off at WrestleMania 38 in front of approximately 100,000 people at Arlington, Texas’ AT&T Stadium.

With a star of Johnson’s magnitude, there’s a greater chance those plans could fall apart than there would be with something like Edge coming out of retirement. But even given that, we shouldn’t put too much stock in a quick reply to a question from a man wearing a crooked sailor’s hat.

Does that mean that I won’t pine away in hopes of Johnson & Blunt vs. John Cena & Margot Robbie in a mixed tag battle of summer blockbuster stars?

Nope. I’m holding Rocky & Mary Poppins to that.

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