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Nikki ASH wants Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch’s return has been rumored and reported and teased and talked about for months and months now, starting around Royal Rumble, continuing to WrestleMania 37, and going right up through Money in the Bank this past weekend. It never happened, of course, but she’s in great shape and it’s obvious the return is coming soon enough.

Will Nikki A.S.H. be Raw women’s champion when she does? She sure hopes so, and, as she told The Sunday Post, she truly hopes they get to work together:

“I’m ready for the challenge from Becky and I truly hope it does happen. Becky and Drew have been amazing role models, inspiring me and creating that blueprint.

“It’s shown you can be from Scotland, Ireland, the UK and with the right dedication, work ethic and attitude you can make it. You can become a WWE champion.”

I’m not sure how well that matchup would play out right now, considering Lynch is likely coming back as a mega over babyface the fans will be dying to see as champion once again. Nikki, meanwhile, is the underdog babyface who just won the title off a Money in the Bank cash-in and is working an inspirational gimmick.

The fit doesn’t seem right, at least right now.

But SummerSlam is just around the corner and WWE is heading for a football stadium that needs a stacked card. Lynch challenging for the title would be a big deal, no matter the opponent.

We shall see.

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