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The New Day really are forever, aren’t they?

WWE split The New Day up in the most recent draft, sending Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston to Monday Night Raw and Big E to Friday Night SmackDown. They made clear they didn’t consider it a breakup, just that they would be on opposite brands holding it down for each other.

And they’ll do so forever.

Their tune hasn’t changed even once. Not when Kingston was challenging Bobby Lashley for the WWE championship — a story that included MVP actively trying to drive a wedge between Kingston and Woods — and not when Big E won the Money in the Bank ladder match.

In fact, E told Bleacher Report that he sees his victory as a New Day accomplishment:

“That may have been one of the greatest nights of my career. I almost don’t want to say it because I have so much reverence for Kofi and Woods and what we’ve done together. I almost feel like saying that diminishes that, but to me, but it’s still a New Day accomplishment because I don’t think I would’ve gotten here without those guys and how much I was able to grow as a performer because of that run.

“Even though we’re on different shows, I still feel like the caveman that’s gone out and grabbed fresh meat and berries and brought it back to the cave so that my family can eat. That’s still my perspective. I don’t just do this for me. Everything I do adds to our legacy as a trio.”

It’s WWE, so it’s hard to imagine the trio never goes through a breakup storyline, but if any team will avoid that and stick together forever, it’s this one.

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