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Big E and Pat McAfee need their own show ASAP

Pat McAfee and Big E are both very engaging, entertaining personalities. They’re great on their own. But they’re pretty magical when they share the screen.

We got our first taste of it last month when E was a guest on an episode of Talking Smack when Pat was hosting. The way they play off each other, including some inadvertent and good-natured busting of each other’s chops, makes for good television - and just generally good vibes.

They turned those vibes up to 11 when they took their act ringside earlier this month. They also stopped taking jabs at each other and turned their wit toward a mutual enemy. The jokes about Baron Corbin’s hairline (and “King Crabbin’” vanity license plate, which makes me laugh every time McAfee says it) were great. Even better? The foot massagers Large Epsilon brought out for himself and his boy.

Not convinced these guys need at least an Adult Swim-like 15 minute show? They’re fun even without opening their mouths, as they were during the “McAfee Minute” last night (July 23). E was a willing co-star in Pat’s latest promo during a commercial break where he fires up the SmackDown crowd with cheap pop lines whatever city WWE is in, and Michael Cole insults.

WWE’s YouTube

Give us more Pat & E inspiring each other, making fun of heels & other easy targets, and just having a good time.

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