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Report: Randy Orton has been moved to WWE’s ‘disabled/inactive list’

Randy Orton lost a match against John Morrison on the June 21 episode of Raw, and the Viper hasn’t been seen on WWE television since that date. Their bout was a Money in the Bank qualifying match. With Orton not booked for the pay-per-view, it seemed logical to assume he would be back on television for the build to SummerSlam. But with Money in the Bank now in the rear-view mirror, Randy was curiously still missing from this week’s (July 19) episode of Raw.

So what exactly is going on here? A new report from Fightful offers some insight into the situation. The report indicates that Orton has been placed on WWE’s “disabled/inactive list” during this time that he’s been missing from television. The company remains hopeful that he will appear on the Aug. 2 episode of Raw.

In kayfabe, Orton has been somewhat reluctantly teaming with Matt Riddle since late April under the team name RK-BRO. The report notes that a creative direction for RK-BRO was already laid out for SummerSlam, “but the unforeseen circumstances of Orton’s absence required an audible be called.”

We’ll bring you more on this story as it develops, Cagesiders.

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