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Goldberg is full of surprises

Bill Goldberg returned to WWE on this week’s (July 19) Raw to presumably set up the last of his two contractually obligated matches of 2021.

With his latest surprise appearance in mind, WWE has created the following video with the top 10 most shocking moments of Goldberg’s career:

10. Debut win against Hugh Morrus
9. Runs over Tank Abbott’s car with monster truck
8. Rips out of handcuffs to attack Kevin Nash and Vince Russo
7. Spears Rosey through a barricade
6. Defeats Hollywood Hogan to win the WCW title
5. Confronts Bobby Lashley
4. Debuts in WWE and spears The Rock
3. Defeats The Fiend to win the Universal title
2. Jackhammers The Giant
1. Pins Brock Lesnar in 1:24 at Survivor Series 2016

Goldberg’s squash victory over Lesnar was definitely a shocking moment. My personal pick to top the list would be either Goldberg’s streak ending at the hands of Kevin Nash at Starrcade 1998 (which probably didn’t make WWE’s list since it wasn’t a positive moment for him) or Goldberg’s win over Hogan. Any time Hulk Hogan actually did the job for another wrestler, even someone who was undefeated with more than 100 wins in kayfabe and obviously the most popular star on the roster, was always shocking to see.

How does Goldberg blurting out “I’m next!” at Bobby Lashley make for a more shocking moment than the win over Hogan? I have no clue, nor do I know how the Lashley segment was any more shocking than Goldberg confronting Drew McIntyre earlier this year, which understandably doesn’t make the cut. I’d definitely rank Goldberg screaming at small animals as more shocking than anything he’s done in pro wrestling in 2021.

Which shocking moments from Goldberg’s career would make your personal top 10 list?

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