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I can’t wait to see what Giannis does with this

I don’t really have a rooting interest when it comes to the NBA. My hometown’s never had a team, so I just follow players and rivalries and hope for good games and impressive performances.

I did pick a side in the just completed 2021 Finals though. Because the Milwaukee Bucks now-even-more-legendary-than-he-was-a-few-weeks-ago superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo and his teammates have been firing themselves up by booking mini-matches backstage like this for a while now.

So if the Greek Freak was running wild with a replica WWE championship belt before he won an NBA title and added Finals MVP to his already ridiculous résumé, imagine what he’s gonna do when this arrives...

From what I saw from the Bucks’ championship parade today (July 22) in Milwaukee, Antetokounmpo mostly stuck to holding onto his trophies. The belt was with fan favorite, underdog babyface Bobby Portis...

I assume Giannis is laying out the match where he’ll beat Portis for the belt in his head.

And if he’s looking to get a little more involved in one of his favorite pastimes, WWE is in Milwaukee next Saturday (July 31). Greece didn’t qualify for the Olympics without him, so as far as we know Antetokounmpo is free...

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