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Big E names his top five ‘Big Meaty Men Slappin’ Meat’

We often deal in trivialities here at Cageside Seats. We’re a blog about pro wrestling, after all. But this is IMPORTANT.

Back at the start of 2020, Big E cut an epic promo on New Day’s Feel The Power podcast about a dream match with Goldberg, and his preferred style of wrestling, “big meaty men slappin’ meat.”

With Bill back on the scene, and E on the interview circuit to celebrate his Money in the Bank victory, the ace reporters at the Getting Over Wrestling Podcast got Large Epsilon on the record about not just Goldberg, but his all-time top five meat slappin’ men.

Bobby Lashley’s next opponent is a given, of course. Here’s the rest of the list:

Vader, Vader was my guy as a kid. Vader’s definitely up there. Arguably the greatest big man to ever walk in this industry. Vader’s definitely up there.

“I loved Ron Simmons as a kid. The fact he was a Heisman finalist as a nose tackle. It’s ridiculous. So Ron Simmons is on there.

Scott Steiner. Big Scott Steiner fan. So Scott Steiner... [The hosts bring up a Cameo E did were he cuts Steiner’s famous TNA Sacrifice promo on Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle] I did my best to try to replicate the Steiner math promo. It’s untouchable - his is untouchable. I tried. I tried...

“...Big Show doesn’t get enough credit. Man, when I was convinced that he was Andre’s son when I was a kid watching WCW. Seeing young Big Show, and I don’t mean that he was bad when he got older, but seeing young Big Show, or The Giant at the time. Missile dropkicks, the way he moved, doing kip ups - even a few years ago, doing kip ups! Big Show does not get enough credit for being one of the greatest big men of all time. In that very, very top tier. If you said he was the greatest big man of all time, I’d have no problem with that. Because I’veseen the stuff he’s done. I remember him and Christian had incredible house show matches. He can do the comedy stuff, he can do the monster stuff. Let’s put Big Show on that list.”

E also considered Mark Henry, but felt he was too much of a contemporary, and a little bit different style.

What do you think of Big E’s Big Meaty Men list? Who do you wish we could see him slap meat with?

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