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Nikki Cross was a superhero to the wrestling world well before she won the Raw Women’s title

Wrestlers are a close knit bunch, especially in the modern era’s decidedly-less-cutthroat locker rooms.

So it’s not surprising to see an outpouring of support or joy when something major happens in someone’s career. But you can tell when someone is particularly loved and appreciated. It happened when Bayley got injured a couple weeks back, and we saw it with both Money in the Bank winners on Sunday night.

Big E will get a similar reaction when [praying hands emoji] he successfully cashes in his briefcase sometime over the next 12 months. But Nikki A.S.H. didn’t wait, using the contract to pin a weary Charlotte Flair at the close of Raw last night (July 19).

So she’s getting her flowers now...

There’s more, but many are retweets of the same GIFs and videos. Rather than bog down the post, we’ll close with one that’s probably a great example of why Cross (she’ll always be Cross to me, except when I start thinking about white chocolate cheesecake and call her Storm) is so loved.

Congrat Nikki!

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