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Lynch/Flair rivalry adds breastfeeding trash talk

Becky Lynch’s return doesn’t seem to be happening right now. My guess is WWE will hold that for after John Cena and Goldberg exit the scene after SummerSlam, but my guesses are often wrong, so we’ll see.

What fans in Texas the past couple of nights have made very clear is that they’re excited for The Man to come back around. And they seem to want to see Bex return to deal with her old friend-turned-rival, Charlotte Flair.

The crowd in Dallas last night (July 19) continued what their counterparts on the other side of the Metroplex started at Money in the Bank on Sunday. Fort Worth chanted “We Want Becky” until Flair & Rhea Ripley started to tear the house down. Raw’s audience tired to drown out the then-Women’s champion’s promo with “Beck-y”.

Charlotte shut that down with, “Yes, guys, yes. Beck-y... Becky is home breastfeeding. Yes she is, while I’m dominating the entire women’s division.”

Whether the line was planned or ad-libbed, it did its job. American Airlines Center moved on as The Queen listed her 11 WWE singles titles (interestingly not mentioning her two NXT Women’s titles). But Lynch didn’t let it slide.

In true Young Bucks fashion, she also updated her bio...

Getting spicy.

Flair certainly has unfinished business with Nikki A.S.H. after last night’s show-closing cash-in. And as mentioned above, we don’t know when Becky will show up. Feels like seeds are being planted to resume a feud we’ve already seen a lot of, though. Maybe expecting mom Ronda Rousey will chime in and add even more WrestleMania 35 vibes.


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