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Triple H explains WWE bringing Samoa Joe back

It was just a number of days ago that Samoa Joe was explaining a bit more about his new role with WWE and what led to his return to the company following a surprising release earlier this year. Now, Triple H has spoken on the same and further clarified the reason Joe was brought back to the company.

From his interview with the New York Post:

“There was an opportunity for him to leave one realm and come into the other, but in coming into the other it sort of connected the dots for him to still do something in-ring from a preference standpoint — no different than I do, [or] other performers who have other jobs as well. It’s a piece of it, but the bigger component is the talent-development component that he’ll be a big part of. I’m really, really excited about that because again, at this stage of my career, it’s all about developing the next generations of superstars.”

So while he’s still a television character, and will definitely get to scratch that wrestling itch when the time is right, the bigger focus seems to be on Joe working on the side of the business we don’t see on camera.

Hey, as long as we get all those juicy match-ups they’ve been building to on NXT TV.

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