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Reminder: Pat McAfee and Adam Cole still hate each other

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It’s still kayfabe... we think? Either way, these two aren’t letting it die.

Back in May, Adam Cole was a guest on The Bump’s 100th episode. The big headline-grabbing moment from his appearance was a blow-up by another guy who’d appeared on the WWE YouTube talk show’s first episode who was returning for the anniversary one.

Later in his interview with Kayla Braxton & team, however, Cole was asked about someone he feuded with last year. A feud that also started with a talk show blow-up. We’re referring, of course, to Pat McAfee.

Ryan Pappolla asked the Panama City Playboy about his old nemesis landing the SmackDown color commentary gig. Cole replied:

“I’ve always been very honest about this. I think that’s why people believe me when I say what I say about Pat. I’ve never said he’s a bad talker. The guy can run his mouth just as good as anybody.

“Should he be on the commentary team? No. It’s absolutely insane. But I understand why he got the position that he did. And I also understand why he’s doing commentary and why he’s not wrestling anymore.”


If Pat Mac responded directly to that jab, I missed it. He usually doesn’t pass up an opportunity to take a shot. Like today (July 2), when Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp solicited questions for his interview with Adam Cole in a since deleted tweet.

SRS asked “Anything you all wanna know [about Adam Cole]?” and got this back from Pat:


Who knows if these guys will ever fight again. But can we start a “Snipe For-Ever [clap clap clapclapclap]” chant for them?