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Fandango clears up any questions about his wrestling future

WWE’s YouTube

After being released by WWE last Friday, Tyler Breeze commented on his future plans. The former NXT Tag champion wasn’t committing to anything when it comes to the squared circle, and even hinted the his focus in the wrestling business might be on training others at the school he runs in Florida with AEW’s Shawn Spears.

What about Breezy’s partner? The wrestler formerly known as Fandango (real name Curtis Hussey) tweeted out the 411 earlier this week:

Our man ‘Dango have always liked to get weird, so he’s definitely having some fun with us (and pro wrestlers habit of not being able to walk away) here.

But if there’s any truth to this, I look forward to what Curtis unchained might look like outside of WWE. He worked the independents for a while before signing in 2006, but I’ve only ever known him from NXT, Raw, and SmackDown (and Southpaw... did Chett and Susan ever get back together? I GOTS TO KNOW). It would be interesting to see what kind of nonsense, and wrestling, he’d get up to in a different environment.

You down for another 35 or so years of Fandango?

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