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Ricochet is a walking COOL MOVE

I have fallen down on the COOL MOVES job, dear Cagesiders, and for that, I apologize.

But while I try to get back in the saddle on doing posts of GIF with fun and/or amazing wrestling spots as a regular feature, I didn’t want to let this feat of derring do from Money in the Bank slip into history without shouting it out.

Ricochet’s reputation as superhuman is well earned. WWE realizing that if they put him on our screens regularly he’ll regularly give wrestling fans something to about is one of the best things they’ve done over the past few months - especially from their Raw brand.

He may have outdone himself on the July 18 PPV in Fort Worth however. The second half of this spot was widely shared by fan and official accounts. It’s even more impressive when you remember it was the second ridiculously difficult thing he did in that sequence.

And he makes it look so easy!

And it wasn’t even the only “Holy $#!+” thing he did in the match. He was doing stuff like this before the ladders even came out!

There were a lot of COOL MOVES in this match, and on the night. But the One And Only just regularly turns us all into Riddle...


As Carlito would say, that’s cool.

H/T: BackFlipTopPancake on tumblr for the GIFs

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