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A pair of great, but very different, moments with young fans at Money in the Bank

At some point the novelty of fan reactions may wear off... but after almost a year-and-a-half without them, they may not.

But these two moments from WWE’s second show on the road in front of a capacity crowd, Sun., July 18’s Money in the Bank from Fort Worth, would be worth talking about even if we’d never lived through the ThunderDome era.

They both come from the end of last night’s PPV. The first is from the main event match itself, and features a young man who had quite a night - it’s the same kid we marked out for the way he marked out for John Cena’s return.

Here, he’s very unhappy with the woman - presumably his mother - who acknowledges Roman Reigns when he goes to get a chair to punish Edge with. Ladies have always loved Big Romey, but little man is not happy this one decided to publicly profess her love for the Tribal Chief. If looks could kill!

More wholesome all around is this clip from someone who saw a young fan trying to get as close as possible for his video of Cena’s return. Security asks him to step back, so how did he make it to the barricade? The Chairman’s wife made sure he did.

Think what you will of Linda McMahon or her family, but that’s a sweet moment.

Money in the Bank made lots of wrestling fans feel like kids again. Some of that is probably because for the first time in too long, we’re getting to see kids be fans again.

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