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Just a top 10 of wrestlers breaking ladders with their bodies

10. Daniel Bryan decks Sheamus
9. The Undertaker chokeslams Edge
8. Io Shirai topples Candice LeRae
7. Roman Reigns Samoan Drops Sheamus
6. Kevin Owens tips Sin Cara
5. Drew McIntyre launches Ricochet
4. Carlito and Mr. Kennedy flip Shelton Benjamin
3. Sheamus powerbombs Sin Cara
2. Kay Lee Ray knocks over Mia Yim
1. Jeff Hardy leg drops Edge

It is genuinely shocking the lengths these wrestlers have gone to in the name of entertaining the fans in attendance and watching at home. You are sitting on your couch or chair, maybe eating a snack, or sipping a nice cold beverage, while Jeff Hardy is launching himself from entirely too high up just to fully land on top of Edge, who is spread across a ladder bridged between the ring and the barricade.

Even just writing it out that way makes clear how crazy it is that they actually do it. Seeing it is sublime.

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