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Carmella is already getting another shot at Bianca Belair

Find you someone who looks at you the way WWE looks at rematches.

After losing her SmackDown Women’s title shot against Bianca Belair last night (July 16), Carmella posted a video on Twitter complaining that she didn’t have enough time to prepare. Mella was a last minute replacement for the injured Bayley, who had been set to face Belair in an “I Quit” match at Money in the Bank. She’s also upset that The EST used her braid in their match on SmackDown.

Well, the champ doesn’t want her challengers to have any excuses (and as referenced above, WWE loves them some rematches), so...

Belair vs. Carmella was a really good match, so I’m not complaining too much. But it is amazing how often WWE uses this booking shortcut to fill airtime.

Maybe Toni Storm’s debut will involve showing up to take out both women? We’ve heard Vince McMahon wants to push the latest batch of NXT call-ups right out of the gate, and we’ve already seen Shotzi & Nox beat Natalya & Tamina twice to qualify for a Women’s Tag title match. Going straight into the chase for the blue brand’s singles belt would help establish Storm right out of the gate.

And if that’s the case, we’ll probably get 3 - 4 months of Toni and Bianca matches and rematches.

But I digress... excited for Mella vs. Belair II?

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