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WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (July 16, 2021): Welcome back!

Well we’re back everybody. We are back.

Peeling back the curtain for a moment before we get into this, I was so invested in the start of this show I couldn’t start typing until the first match was over. I couldn’t get over the roaring and the cheering and booing of real people.

This is what we’ve needed. This is what the wrestlers needed, too.

15 months, or in WWE speak, 70 weeks, of no fans (except that one huge two night pay-per-view in April) was too long. And the Houston crowd for this show was excellent.

So let’s get right to it! For a full rundown of SmackDown, check out the live blog by Claire Elizabeth!

Back in business

After Vince McMahon graced us with his presence, the crowd got to mercilessly react in mixed cheers and boos to Roman Reigns.

Then the Mysterios came out to cheers, and then Edge.

Edge looked amazing and as hyped as ever as the Toyota Center showered him with love.

Something I hadn’t anticipated was the great crowd reaction for Dominik as Reigns put him through the announce table and when he was bouncing off the ropes. That was genuinely heartwarming.

The pop for Edge’s spear on Reigns was amazing.

This ended up being a shorter match than I thought, as Reigns took out Rey and then Jey Uso pinned him while grabbing the tights.

The Mysterios brawled with The Usos and then Reigns got involved and was going to use the chair Edge brought into the ring, and then another spear by Edge and the same scene from WrestleMania. Only this time, Reigns tapped.

Edge held up the Universal championship and while I know that’s not what will end up happening on Sunday, it was a nice thing to see wasn’t it? Edge having a title after 10 years, after his history and triumphant return last year, would be awesome.

Maybe if he goes back to Raw, though. This is the Roman Reigns show. And after Sunday, it might also be the Usos show as they will be facing the Mysterios for the tag titles. The Tribal Chief and his family ruling over SmackDown will be a great sight as we head to SummerSlam.

Backstage, Edge was being interviewed and all of a suden we heard Seth Rollins’ cackling. He said that he hopes Edge wins because he wants to cash in on him and finish the jobn he neglected to do 7 years ago. (Yes the finally addressed their history from the infamous night John Cena reinstated the Authority!)

And this would of course be why I don’t see Edge winning this Sunday. Edge vs. Seth Rollins next month is what I want to see.

Hell yeah I am ready for Money in the Bank.

Dastardly Rollins

A great main event saw Seth Rollins win, and in such a cruel way.

Rollins was sprinkled throughout the evening, as I touched on previously. I didn’t expect him to win here, but this match was really great.

It started with Baron Corbin coming out to tell us that he needed help with some funds since losing his King status. I appreciated WWE not going to the nostalgia well with this because it really felt like a legend was going to come out and hit Corbin with a “vintage” move.

Thankfully, we got Kevin Owens, and since he’s using a nostalgia move for himself, he got the pop instead. Well deserved.

Out came the rest of the participants and they flew into each other to send it to the last break of the evening.

The finish of this match was insane. Rollins was going to dive onto Shinsuke Nakamura on the announce table, but Owens decided he wanted to sacrifice himself instead. The table crashed with such force that even the camera took a tumble.

Free from that carnage, Rollins took it upon himself to STOMP BIG E’S FACE INTO A LADDER and pin him to win. Of course he then used that ladder to do the classic Money in the Bank spot and pose with the briefcase.

What a hot ending to the show. Now, with WWE doing that, of course they expect us to think that Seth has the best chance of winning. Nah. Not happening.

What I’d also like to touch on is what happened in the back before Corbin came out. Paul Heyman was being interviewed and Big E dropped by to tell him that he and the Tribal Chief should be worried about Edge.

It was in that entertaining moment that I immediately went, “There’s our Money in the Bank winner!” I think Big E would be an absolutely incredible briefcase holder, and possibly one of the best one they’ve ever had. I have pushed for a long time that E is the rightful man to knock Roman off his pedestal.

In the words of Batista, give me what I want!



Sami Zayn came out to cut the first “You People” promo out of the ThunderDome era. He tried to get the fans on his side, and I’m thankful that they didn’t give in and cheer him, as much as it is difficult to not cheer him.

When he shit on the crowd, that familiar music hit and out came the Prinxe.

He did all the great poses that the crowds do with him, and the cameras missed most of it as usual.

And then Zayn tried to attack Balor and it didn’t work out for him.

I am so happy Finn is here.

The Rest

Bianca Belair defeated Carmella

Carmella soaked up the boos as she made her entrance. Belair got a great pop from the crowd. Belair rolled through a leg takedown and got knocked down in the corner. Belair tackled Carmella into the other corner but Carmella pushed her into the ringpost. Mella got Belair off the top of the ringpost with a hurricanrana that could have went bad but thankfully didn’t, and she got a two count. Mella locked in a Guillotine and Belair almost faded out. And then Belair planted her with a vertical suplex, which got her a two count. That was a great moment. Mella used the ponytail and Belair whipped her with it and executed a winning KOD. This was a great match for the crowd and I loved how much they showered her with love.

Otis vs. Cesaro ends in a disqualification

This was a super quick and really served as a way to get the crowd a Cesaro swing at Chad Gable’s expense. Man did Otis have some awesome aggression in this match. I’m liking his new look and presentation.

Shotzi and Nox defeated Natalya and Tamina

I’m happy to see the tank is continuing its usage on the main roster. Hopefully it’s a mainstay and Vince keeps it around. Sadly this was the dud of the evening, not to steal Manolo’s gimmick. The crowd wasn’t really hot for it, and that’s because WWE hasn’t made this division since the titles were taken away from Bayley and Sasha Banks. The crowd was hot for Liv, however and that is a very good thing because I’d love for her to win the women’s Money in the Bank on Sunday.

Grade: A

What we’re your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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