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Some fuel for the Becky Lynch comeback fire

Deadboys Fitness’ Instagram

These Instagram posts from Deadboys Fitness (one of Seth Rollins’ many side businesses) have been circulating around for a bit. But given recent reports that hit after WWE left ThunderDome, something many thought was necessary before The Man would come back around, we thought it would be worth sharing them here.

Not that we ever doubted Becky Lynch was spending a ton of her non-mom time since giving birth back in December to getting back into (scripted) fighting form, but these are definitely confirmation she’s attained said form.

The caption on that ‘Gram is cute, but the one on the pic shared this week seems particularly designed to hype Bex’s WWE future.

Of course, we’ve been worked by this fit looking lass on many an occasion in the past, including as recently as April. But it’s got to be happening soon, right? If not this weekend on SmackDown or Money in the Bank, then sometime on the road to SummerSlam.

WhoaWhoaWhoa WhoaWhoaWhoa Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Sorry. Just getting ready.

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