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WWE says WALTER has ‘suffered a severe injury’

Last week brought us the exciting news that WALTER and Ilja Dragunov will have a rematch for the NXT United Kingdom Title on the July 22 episode of NXT UK. These two men had an epic clash in October 2020 that ranks on just about every Top 10 list for match of the year worldwide; expectations are understandably through the roof for the rematch.

It turns out the rematch won’t actually take place on July 22 because WWE says that WALTER is now injured:

Like usual in pro wrestling, this abrupt injury news begs the question: is this a shoot or is it a work?

As soon as the July 22 title match was announced last week, some fans of NXT UK were wondering why WWE wasn’t holding off until live fans can be in attendance. If this injury is a work, then perhaps those fans were right on the money with their curiosity.

If the injury is a shoot, then the word “severe” comes under closer scrutiny, because that can mean all sorts of different things. WALTER has been the NXT UK champion for over two years, and it would be very disappointing for that reign to end due to injury.

What do you make of WWE’s breaking news on the WALTER injury, Cagesiders?

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