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Mandy Rose reportedly moved to NXT as part of a ‘trade’ with Raw

Aliyah’s Twitter

NXT is playing it coy with regards to what Mandy Rose will be doing on the show after her surprise arrival:

But before she left the Capitol Wrestling Center last night (July 13), Rose had an interaction with an angle involving Franky Monet and Robert Stone’s that been playing out on Tuesday nights almost since Monet arrived on the brand.

That’s interesting as according to multiple sources, Mandy is only one half of a roster transaction between NXT and Raw. WrestleVotes was the first to report that Rose was “traded” to NXT in exchange for Aliyah. Fightful Select has since confirmed that. PWInsider also notes that the Rose “move is full-time and she is no longer an active member of the Raw roster.”

Aliyah was written out of her alliance with Suit Man Stone, and apparently the show altogether, when she stormed off after taking the fall in a tag loss to Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter.

Stone’s other client, Jessi Kamea, left with Monet, then Rose ran into all three backstage.

Is that part of what we’ll see about on NXT, Mandy? I guess... we’ll see.

Raw didn’t do nearly as well tying up their story in advance of the move. Rose & Dana Brooke were being positioned for a Women’s Tag title match on Monday’s show.

For Aliyah, this is a long-time coming. The Torontonian has been working out of the Performance Center since signing as a 20 year old back in 2015. In that time, she’s had one appearance on SmackDown and one on Main Event. Other than that, she’s seemed like she might be an NXT lifer.

Maybe not. It could be hard for Aliyah to carve out a niche on the main roster, especially since her “bougie” gimmick doesn’t help her stand out from acts like Eva Marie and Carmella. But with the return of house shows, she should at least get a chance to work fairly regularly, and could make an impression on somebody with the power to book her on television.

Like Rose says, “we’ll see”.

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