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Looks like Shotzi is no longer a Blackheart

When Shotzi Blackheart & Tegan Nox showed up on SmackDown last Friday (July 9) for a non-title match against Natalya & Tamina Snuka, the graphic on the screen read “Shotzi & Nox”.

Michael Cole referred to both women with the first & last names they’d used on NXT, however. They were introduced on Talking Smack the same way.

It led to some confusion about what, if anything, the main-roster-name-shortener had churned out for the duo. Was Shotzi & Nox just a team name, consisting of Shotzi Blackheart & Tegan Nox? Or were they getting the Riddle treatment?

We’ll know more on Friday, or the next time the duo appear for the blue brand. But if we can trust the roster page, it looks like the answer is in the middle of the two options fans were speculating on.

The Girl With The Shiniest Wizard is keeping her full name. Which is good, because even when she was rocking a flannel to kick Candice LeRae’s ass on NXT last Tuesday, she didn’t quite look like a “Nox”.

For Shotzi, this doesn’t seem as bad as other shortened main roster names. While she billed as a Blackheart on the black-and-gold brand, announcers usually just called her by her first name anyway. As long as she’s got green hair, a tank, and an in-ring style that makes you worry for her health, there’s no mistaking The Ballsy One for anyone else.

Let us know what you think, Cagesiders. Or maybe we should just call you Cagers?

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